'We still have more to do.' Joe Quesada talks the Heroes Auction

Last Thursday, January 17th, was held the Heroes Auction at Club 101 in New York City. Attended by an all star cast of comic creators and true life heroes, the purpose of the Heroes Auction was to sell some of the most prominent pieces of artwork from the Marvel Comics "Heroes" tribute book to raise money for the Twin Towers Fund. Raise money they did. Over $60,000 was raised during the event.

"It really went fantastically well," Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada told CBR News. "The evening began with wonderful food and drink and a large number of New York's Finest and Bravest were in attendance.

"The New York Fire Chief was there as well as many comic book all-stars. Kevin Smith stole the show of course!"

The auction itself was presided over by writer/director Kevin Smith.

"The auction was wonderful, Kevin had the place cracking up, especially when he bid against himself for the final item."

While Kevin may have had everyone in stitches, the highlight for Quesada was watching his wife go head-to-head with an art dealer bidding on his piece. Ultimately the piece by Quesada and Todd McFarlane, which graced the back cover to "Heroes," sold for $7,000. While a hefty sum, the highest price paid for artwork at the auction was $10,000 for the Alex Ross cover to "Heroes." But for Quesada, the work still isn't over.

"To be honest, I think we're all exhausted, but we still have more to do," said Quesada. "There will be a giant online auction coming up for the remainder of the 'Heroes' book." Details on that auction can be found at http://www.allstarauctions.net/.

"I'm thrilled that the comic book community stood up to be counted in such a significant way," continued Quesada. "This was not a Marvel thing, it was a comic industry thing. Together we've all raised well over a million dollars and it's not over yet. Also, please remind everyone to continue to support all of the other wonderful benefit books that have hit the stores recently."

In addition to the money raised by Marvel through books like "Heroes," "Moment of Silence," and the above auction, other industry professionals have joined forces creating benefit books. "9-11: Emergency Relief," featuring artwork by some of comics greatest independent artists. hit stores a few weeks ago with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross. In addition two volumes under the title "September 11th" from DC Comics, Chaos! Comics, Dark Horse Comics and others arrive in stores shortly. Ask your comics retailer for more information on these books.

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