We Kill Monsters #1

Story by
Art by
Brian Churilla
Colors by
Ronda Pattison
Letters by
Jeff Powell
Cover by
Red 5 Comics

The folks at Red 5 Comics are perhaps best known for publishing "Atomic Robo," so it only stands to reason that they might have another promising franchise or two waiting to be shared, right? Maybe. "We Kill Monsters" doesn't dazzle from the start, but the concept has potential and the license has some room to grow. Unfortunately, this issue feels like a mishmash of "Tremors," "Ghostbusters," and "Rain Man," although not completely in an expected way. By that I mean, I expected a little more with a title as bold as "We Kill Monsters."

The book opens with two brothers arguing and then reminiscing, because that's what brothers do, right? The brothers are rural mechanics who find their way into town in that horror movie, "We're going into town, but will be back soon" kind of way. Of course, the unthinkable happens, and the brothers' lives are threatened, then changed forever. The method for dealing with the threat and the story that follow are almost entertaining, but I found them more confounding than entertaining. After all, it appears as though the brothers are home free, except their truck slams into a water heater (or some similar large tank in their garage that wasn't in the scene until they slammed into it) seemingly for no other reason than dramatic effect. The damage to the truck is later attributed to the monster pursuing the brothers. That monster-delivered damage, to me, seemed less substantial than the smashed-in front end caused by the water heater. Churilla does draw a pretty awesome freaking monster though, and his characterizations of the brothers is well handled.

The story itself takes some pretty large steps, bordering on leaps, as the brothers find themselves trapped in their garage, stalked by a night feeder -- during the day. Why they couldn't make a break for higher ground is not completely explained, at least not in a satisfactory manner.

This book was not quite what I expected and I'm having a very difficult time determining whether or not to take a chance on the second issue when it comes out. I'm not sure any of this is going to be memorable enough to stick with me until then, but there just might be a payoff worth the investment in issue #2. As I mentioned before, the premise has potential, after all, other than Claw, how many characters are out there fighting evil with a limb that resembles those of the enemies more than those of the heroes? There is potential here: potential for a fun story, or potential for a snoozer. I'm hoping the fun story steps up in issue #2.

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