We Haven't Seen The Last Of Piranha 3D, Sadly...

Despite underperforming at the box office last weekend, Piranha 3D has already been confirmed for a sequel. What have we done to deserve such a fate?

I'm officially calling shenanigans on the August box office. Firstly, The Expendables is a massive hit? What's that all about? And secondly, Piranha 3D gets a sequel greenlit despite making less than last week's "flop", Scott Pilgrim Versus The World, in its opening weekend. In fact, Piranha also came behind Vampires Suck, Lottery Ticket and the second week of Eat Pray Love at the box office, which makes this news all the more unexpected. Either everything we know is wrong or, more likely, the movie was already greenlit before this weekend in readiness for a "surprise hit," and now they're stuck with making the most out of it...

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