"We can't respond to rumors": Dan DiDio and Jim Lee on Vertigo

CBR's interview with DC Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio is the gift that keeps on giving. And while their tandem answers to questions about the role of the Vertigo imprint will be playing under their reign -- specifically, the rumor that Vertigo characters like Swamp Thing are on the verge of reintegration into the main DC Universe -- leave lots of room for interpretation, they do paint a picture of the pair's working relationship with both the line's creators and its leader, DC Vice President - Executive Editor Karen Berger.

Didio: And I think that there's a small renaissance going on at Vertigo too. For so many years, it was about "Y" and "Fables" being the real lynch pins of the line, and now we see things like "Sweet Tooth," "American Vampire" and "The Unwritten" all break out and grab an audience. We're really excited by the feedback and excitement those books are building at this time.


Recently, there was talk online from science fiction writer China Miéville who said he'd been working on a new version of "Swamp Thing" for Vertigo, but that it didn't come together because there may be plans to return the character to the DCU proper. Is there anything to say there about the chance that some of these characters may be moving back or forth with you guys in the publisher role?

Lee: You've got to understand, we can't respond to rumors. There's one every day, and maybe one in ten comes to fruition or ends up being true. We really can't speak about that kind of stuff, or we'd spend all our days squashing things that could or couldn't be true.

Didio: I'm going to go really big picture on this for a second. In any entertainment situation or any entertainment environment, there's constantly product that's being developed with all of the best intentions to be made, but they get turned aside for whatever reason. They're never the same reasons twice most of the time. In this particular case, though, we are examining everything that we do, and we're looking for the best ways to approach our books and our characters to make product with the best chance possible of the best success possible.

If I'm reading all that right -- including the non-denial with regards to bringing Vertigo characters back to the DCU -- Lee and DiDio's input on Vertigo is more structural than a question of directly intervening on the creative end. But again, there's plenty of room for interpretation...

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