WC15: "Yes, We Can Guarantee a Valiant Film Will be Made"

In an interview with CBR Executive Producer Jonah Weiland conducted this week at Wondercon, Valiant Entertainment CEO and Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani said in no uncertain terms that fans can expect Valiant movies in the future -- perhaps sooner than they think.

Even with a recent nine-figure investment from DMG Entertainment to bring Valiant properties to film, Weiland noted that "it is Hollywood, though," and many promising projects never see the light of day. He asked Shamdasani point blank whether he could guarantee that a Valiant film would be made.

"Yes, yes, we can guarantee a Valiant film will be made," Shamdasani said. To us, it's not a question of will they be made, but when. And again it's a question of quality." He compared the situation to the reemergence of Valiant as a publisher, noting that it took some time between the company reintegrating itself and the release of its first comic. "People asked us the same question: 'will you publish comic books?' Yes, we will publish comic books. 'But you're not publishing comic books.' Because when we do they're going to be the best damn comic books we can make. When we do the movies, they're going to be the best damn movies we can make. We haven't said much about them because we're not the type of company that likes a lot of hype and hot air. We like to say, here's what's going to happen."

He said, though, the information about "Bloodshot" being optioned by Sony leaked "and we had to catch up a little bit." Shamdasani added that "'Bloodshot' is much, much further along than people think; it will shock you how far along it is."

"There is big news coming on 'Harbinger,' there is big news coming on 'X-O Manowar.' Other things have already leaked. We have things in the works that will turn people's heads."

Earlier in the interview, Shamdasani revealed that "Bob Layton's going to be doing a little bit of work for us" in celebration of Valiant's 25th anniversary.

Watch for the full interview coming soon on CBR TV!

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