WC14: Colin Firth Punches Faces in Sneak Peek of Matthew Vaughn's "Secret Service"

Even though footage from "Secret Service" previously screened at CinemaCon earlier this year, a second showing at WonderCon did not disappoint.

Matthew Vaughn's upcoming adaptation of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons' comic centers on a team of covert agents, operating to save the world much like MI-6 and the CIA do - minus the red tape. And with a lot more face busting.

The clip opened with team leader Uncle Jack (Colin Firth) nursing a pint in a UK pub opposite new recruit Gary, played by newcomer Taron Egerton. After exchanging expository dialogue, the drinks are interrupted by a group of hooligans wanting to pick a fight with Gary.

Cue Uncle Jack locking up the bar moments before beating the hell out of these guys, with an umbrella. The most inventive use of the umbrella comes at the end of the fight, as Jack deploys it as a shield to deflect bullets from an assailant - while keeping his sights on his attacker using a night-vision like screen making up the interior of the parasol.

The clip ended where it began - with Uncle Jack returning to his beer and finishing with a satisfied gulp.

The sneak at "Secret Service" concluded with a montage of scenes from the film, revealing a sinister look of Samuel L. Jackson as a villain and a hint of Michael Caine in action.

"Secret Service" hits theaters October 24.

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