WC13 | <i>The Regular Show</i> Panel

Matt Price, the voice of Quips on Cartoon Network’s The Regular Show, greeted an enthusiastic audience at WonderCon Anaheim with the declaration, “I have two waters!” before introducing the panelists. They included storyboard artists Calvin Wong and Toby Jones, producer Sean Collins, and voice actor Sam Marin.

Creator J. G. Quintel, who was unable to attend, was “in a bunker somewhere, filming awkward videos,” Price. The panelists played a video, and generously provided free cake to everyone in attendance.

After talking about which episodes were their favorites (Price predicted that this year’s Thanksgiving episode will be his new one), they shared a little bit about the process of creating an episode.

“We have 800 or so rejected episodes,” Price said, commenting on how tedious it can be to start the process. However, once an episode is accepted by the network, Wong and Jones begin creating storyboards for the voice actors, which Marin said he tries to “read like an audience.”

Wong listed British comedy as a huge influence on him, saying he was “indoctrinated by The Mighty Boosh, as well as The Simpsons. “You can throw any Simpsons joke around the office,” he said, “and someone will finish it for you.”

Collins does most of the music for the show, and his love of ‘80s bands like Journey is one of the main forces behind his creativity. “I try to think of stuff, not necessarily good music, like Sugar Ray, like stuff when I was in junior high,” he said. “I used to listen to a lot of Smash Mouth, or anything repetitive and catchy.”

Before showing a clip of the newest episode, “Fool Me Twice,” they shared some of what influenced them in coining it. Calvin and Toby spent a lot of time “watching YouTube clips of lots of crazy Japanese game shows.” The audience definitely appreciated the level of slapstick hyperactivity that ensued.

Price took a few audience questions, the most notable being from a girl who asked for two random words as name-changing inspiration; She was offered “Location Distribute.”

Although Marin said the character Muscleman is an enormous strain on his voice, he was happy to entertain the audience for a large portion of the panel’s closing by granting Muscleman requests.

The Regular Show airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Cartoon Network.

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