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WC13: DC 101 Hosts Hype DC Entertainment Projects, Tease “Teen Wolf” Fans

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WC13: DC 101 Hosts Hype DC Entertainment Projects, Tease “Teen Wolf” Fans

Cunningham then highlighted “Superman Unbound,” the latest Warner Brothers animated DVD, which premiered Friday night at WonderCon. Cunningham also showed a clip from the DVD of Superman speaking with Supergirl about Brainiac’s attack on Kandor, and stars “White Collar’s” Matt Bomer as Superman, “Castle’s” Molly Quinn as Supergirl, “Fringe’s” John Noble as Brainiac and “King Of The Hill’s” Stephen Root as Zor-El.

The audience cheered again as they showed an image for the CW’s “Arrow,” Cunningham adding his own praise for the show and debuting a clip/sizzle reel for the next season.

“I saw the pilot,” Lobdell sheepishly admitted as a third of the audience raised their hands and said they watched the show. “More than ‘Teen Wolf!'” Lobdell said after counting hands, adding, “Everyone who watches ‘Teen Wolf’ is in this room.” This lead the audience to yell back that there was a direct connection between “Arrow” and “Teen Wolf” as actor Colton Haynes has appeared on both shows.

Previewing a cover image of the print version of the digital comic, “Injustice: Gods Among Us,” Cunningham said the comic gets into the back story of the video game of the same name, which is being produced by NetherRealm Studio. The two also showed a trailer for the game, showing the ruins of Metropolis and a dictatorial Superman and Wonder Woman, as well as characters like Catwoman and Harley Quinn fighting with Batman. The game, according to Cunningham, is two weeks away from release.

Moving to digital comics, Cunningham showed the cover image of the second volume of the trade paperback of Bryan Q. Miller’s “Smallville: Season Eleven.”

“Bryan’s done a great job capturing what’s cool about the original series and taking it off in a direction where the special effects budget of the TV show couldn’t quite take it,” Cunningham said.

The room applauded loudly at the next image of the upcoming Warner Brother’s animated show, “Teen Titans Go!” before cheering even louder in support of a fan who yelled, “Bring back ‘Young Justice!'” Cunningham told the fan to save that for the Q&A at the end.

Cunningham and Lobdell also showed a quick teaser for “Beware The Batman,” the latest Batman animated TV show from Warner Brothers Animation. This led Cunningham to plug DC Nation on Cartoon Network and the WonderCon exclusive DC Nation short and “Green Lantern” figurines available at the DC floor booth. This led Lobdell to quip again about “Teen Wolf,” and Cunningham challenged him to actually watch the show.

“Scott’s going to go back to his hotel, to his presidential suite, and he’s going to watch them all and then tweet out his hotel number and have a party!” Cunningham joked.

Cunningham fielded a question about whether there would be a content warning on the Vertigo “Dragon Tattoo” adaptation, saying he felt it was the most faithful adaptation he’s seen and that the books are labeled for mature readers.

A TV fan wanted to know how to get DC to make more female-centric superhero shows, like transforming “Super Best Friends” into a television show. “Unfortunately it’s not us, it’s the Network… you’ve got to watch it,” Lobdell said.

“The people who produce those shows monitor social media very, very closely, they do pay attention to posts on Facebook and Tweets… I believe there’s a couple of spots on the [Cartoon Network webpage] that allow you to give feedback,” Cunningham added as well as hinted that convention attendees may see figures of “Super Best Friends” appearing later in the year.

A fan asked about information about possible scenes or cameos in “Man Of Steel” leading into a possible “Justice League” film. “I know no such thing, but they’ve been very tightlipped as is often the case with movies Mr. Nolan makes,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham told the next audience member to the microphone that as far as he knew there is a little origin story in “Man Of Steel” but he believed most of the film will be about Superman’s first appearance in Metropolis as the Man of Steel.

A Soul Eater cosplayer asked what Lantern corps the two would be.

“I’m a black Lantern, dude,” Cunningham said.

“Plaid,” Lobdell joked as the audience laughed.

A female fan asked why the DC 101 panel hadn’t highlighted any female-centric books and media.

“Sometimes it feels like there’s a conspiracy like we don’t want any girls, but we actually love girls and would love girls to read the books, even the ‘Teen Wolf’ fans here,” Lobdell began, but was drowned out by shouts from an agitated group of “Teen Wolf” fans who had just enough of being mentioned by the writer.

“If the point of this panel is to get new fans, why have you spent the entire panel alienating every single person waiting for the panel coming up?” a “Teen Wolf” fan in front yelled back at the two as the audience divided into boos and a smattering of applause. Cunningham and Lobdell both apologized for any hurt feelings for their “Teen Wolf” comments, telling the large “Teen Wolf” contingent it was not their intention to alienate them, though Lobdell was unable to resist jokingly ask the audience to show by raising their hands who felt alienated.

The next audience member to the microphone was the fan from earlier in the panel asked if “Young Justice” would come back. “It’s a good question; I wish I had a way to answer that but since it’s come through one phase, wait and see and keep speaking out,” Cunningham said.

The final question came from a Vertigo fan wanted to know if there were any plans to make an animated direct-to-DVDs of any of the Vertigo properties, like “Joe The Barbarian.”

“Yes — watch this space for upcoming announcements,” Cunningham said, ending the panel on a hopeful but ambiguous note.

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