WC12: The Marvel Comics Costume Contest

At the recently wrapped WonderCon 2012, Marvel Comics held the latest in the publisher's popular costume contests, and the fans turned out dressed to impress! Characters from the Avengers (both movie and comics-flavored) were undeniably popular, though X-Men of all sorts were well-represented too, with Archangel nabbing the top prize of a Jeph Loeb-signed copy of "Avengers: X-Santion" #1, an item autographed by Stan Lee and a limited edition Doctor Doom action figure. Elsa Bloodstone, of "Nextwave" fame, took second place, while a cosplayer dressed as Black Widow -- a very popular subject this year, thanks to her role in this summer's "Avengers" movie -- took third. Honorable mention went to Li'l Hawkeye and Whiplash, both of whom received action figures.

Photographer Caitlin Holland documented the event, which saw the likes of Baron Strucker, Captain America, She-Hulk, Dum Dum Dugan and more rubbing shoulders on stage.

All photos taken by and copyright Caitlin Holland

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