WC12 EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Fanboys Vs. Zombies"

When Sam Humphries spoke with CBR News in February about his upcoming undead-epic set in Comic-Con International in San Diego, the writer assured fans - and the employees of this site -- that Comic Book Resources staff and guests had nothing to fear.

"I would never desecrate the hallowed hull of The [CBR] Yacht, even in fiction," Humphries said, continuing, "but CBR fans should pay very close attention. To say anything more would involve spoilers."

Today, at CCI's sister show, WonderCon, BOOM! Studios showed an assembled crowd the following pages (illustrated by series artist Jerry Gaylord), which CBR shares exclusively with its readership, featuring the CBR Skybox and a (somewhat gullible) Jonah Weiland.

Sam Humphries' "Fanboys Vs. Zombies" debuts this month from BOOM! Studios.

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