WC11: Warner Bros. Animation Announces <i>Justice League: Doom</i>

Warner Bros. Animation will follow Green Lantern: Emerald Knights and Batman: Year One with an animated feature "loosely inspired" by the 2000 JLA story arc "Tower of Babel."

Announced Friday at WonderCon in San Francisco by executive producer Bruce Timm, the tentatively titled Justice League: Doom is the last work of respected writer and producer Dwayne McDuffie, who passed away on Feb. 22.

Written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Howard Porter, Drew Geraci and others, "Tower of Babel" centers on the perceived betrayal of the Justice League by Batman, whose secret files detailing the weaknesses of his colleagues fall into the hands of Ra's al Ghul. He uses the information to incapacitate the League while distracting Batman with the theft of the bodies of Thomas and Martha Wayne. The revelation that the Dark Knight had devises contingency plans to defeat each of his teammates naturally creates friction, leading the JLA to consider expelling him from their ranks.

Elements of "Tower of Babel" were incorporated into "Starcrossed," the 2004 three-part series finale of the Justice League animated series.

Justice League: Doom is set to be Warner Bros. Animation's first direct-to-DVD feature of 2012. For more details about Warner Bros. Animation's next release, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, check out Comic Book Resource's WonderCon panel report.

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