WC11: The Stars of "Human Target"

During the recently concluded 2011 WonderCon, actors Jackie Earle Haley and Janet Montgomery sat down together to speak with the assembled press about "Human Target." The two talked about the show and their characters, Guerrero and Ames, whose relationship, over the course of the series' second season, developed from antagonistic into one that could almost be described as "paternal."

The first question was posed to Haley, who was asked how working on "Human Target" compared to his turn as Freddy Krueger in the recent "Nightmare on Elm Street" remake. The actor quipped, "It's much less sticky." Over the course of making the film he would, "long for Guerrero," especially during the two and half hours of makeup he had to have applied before every shoot.

Asked how tech savvy they are in real life in comparison to their characters who regularly deal with advanced technology, Montgomery readily admitted, "I'm not. I can use a laptop and a cell phone, though." She revealed that there is a man on set whose job it is to deal with all the equipment and explain how it all works to the actors. Haley agreed that he wasn't as accomplished as Guerrero, though he did add he was not a "tech moron."

In comparing Season 1 to Season 2, Haley said the new additions to the cast "opened up the show." It allows for the characters to split off in different ways, and not just be the same three main characters hanging out all the time.

The skills their characters utilize on the show do not necessarily transfer over to real life, although Montgomery shared a story about how she was once locked herself outside of her car. Her character, Ames, is a first-class thief on the show, and while she isn't close to one in real life, she and a coworker were able to use a coat hanger to pop the lock of the car door, a feat of which the actor was quite proud of.

Discussing the future of the show and the possibility of a third season, Haley said that the cast and crew still don't know if they've been picked up. He said there are so many people who love the show, critics and everyone seem to "dig it," so he definitely hopes so. Montgomery added, "You never know."

Showrunner Matt Miller and titular Human Target Mark Valley joined the roundtable and were immediately asked what can they tease about what's coming up next for the show, Valley jokingly replied, "We've been teased for a few months now," referring to their waiting to hear about the show being picked up for a season 3.

Miller elaborated, "We'll take what worked well in seasons 1 and 2, and make it bigger." Now that characters have been established, the plan is to bring back old ones like Baptiste and reveal more of the history and origins of Christopher Chance. Ultimately, however, the goal is to "just make a kick ass one hour" of television.

Asked if he was pleased with the show's structural overhaul between the first and secoind seasons, Mark replied in the affirmative, saying, "Adding women to the mix added variety." The actor is really looking forward to the possibility of returning for season 3, telling us he trusts Miller's instincts.

The possibility of a romantic relationship blooming between Chance and Ilsa was inquired after, with Miller ansering, "There should always be a subtext that two people might be great together." Ultimately, however, he feels the two characters should never actually get together -- at least right away. Chance is a character that has been running away for most of his life, from problems and relationships, and is only now beginning to settle down, so the character is still learning to stay in one place. "We'll take this idea and move it forward in Season 3," he concluded.

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