WC11: Saturday Photo Parade

Nearly three weeks ago, the CBR News team took San Francisco by storm, covering the 2011 WonderCon from our enchanted Tiki Room overlooking the convention floor. Thanks to our primo location, comic book creators, Hollywood celebrities and more joined us in taking in the sights and sounds of the three-day event that saw Marvel announce Warren Ellis' "Secret Avengers" and Jason Aaron's X-Men "Schism, IDW made several big announcements, Activision debuted a new Spider-Man video game, Warner Bros. & DC Entertainment wowed fans with new "Green Lantern" movie footage and more. For a full listing of CBR's WonderCon coverage, click here.

In this, the second of CBR's WonderCon photo parades (the first of which can be found here), we invite you to experience Saturday for yourself, or re-experience it if you were lucky enough to have been in attendance. Pinguino Kolb provides the pretty pictures while CBR producer Jonah Weiland spices things up with with his compliments and only snark this time around.

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