WC11: Green Lantern With Geoff Johns

On the heels of a lively DC Nation panel, the talent changed some but the company kept rolling as DC Comics presented their "Green Lantern" comics panel at WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco, and CBR News was on hand for the action. Things got rolling quick as panelists Executive Editor Eddie Berganza and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns took the stage with a large prop Lantern from the Green Lantern film which glowed. "I really, really recommend you come to the panel tonight," Johns said. "We've got cool stuff...if you like Sinestro, you're going to dig it."

"It's all about Hal, John, Kyle and Guy...we wanted to bring them back to the center again," Johns then said about the current "War of the Green Lanterns" arc. "It's kind of a follow up to what we originally did in 'Green Lantern: Rebirth'...One of the things we wanted to do with this arc is get back to the people behind the ring."

Johns then explained that they'll reveal who the White Lantern is at the end of "Brightest Day" #23, and it won't be who fans expect. "[The series] was a lot of work...but we finished it!" he laughed before noting that he'll also soon be writing an "Aquaman" book, which he announced will be drawn by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. "I don't think you can get much better in comics...everything the do elevates the characters they work on, and we hope to do the same for Aquaman."

During fan questions, a reader asked whether or not there was any fear that the books were focusing too much on other Lantern Corps and not on Hal Jordan. "I think we're pretty happy...Green Lantern's big, and I don't want it to focus on one kind of story. Green Lantern can be any story," said Johns. "I'm glad it's big." The reader asked as a follow up about whether one of the earth Green Lanterns would die at the end of the current "War of the Green Lantern" stories to which Johns joked, "You expect me to answer that?" He wished the reader a nice con instead.

The expansion of the other Corps was asked after. Johns said he has more plans for Larfleez and the Indigo tribe, and readers can expect more conflict between the different Corps.

Shifting topics briefly, a fan asked if Johns had any desire to introduce more characters to the big or small screen like he had for the Legion and the Justice Society on "Smallville." The writer replied, "I just saw a cut of the ['Smallvile'] Booster Gold episode I did with Blue Beetle, and it's really good. It's out in mid-April...but [I'll write] anything. Wonder Woman, Flash...I want all of them."

Back to Green Lantern, Johns promised more tales of the various Lantern Corps solo stories in the future. A reader also asked for "Mogo: Secret Origin" to which the writer replied. "There's actually a lot coming up with Mogo, but it's not exactly his secret origin." Alan Scott will not be brought back into the Green Lantern books anytime soon. He'll remain a player in the "Justice Society" ongoing, however.

Johns promised a "Round 2" between Hal Jordan and Bruce Wayne coming up working under the rules "No rings, no utility belts." He also said that readers will learn about the very first Green Lantern soon.

A young fan who asked about Krona's role after "War of the Green Lanterns" was told he'd have to wait and see what happens in the story, but as a consolation, Johns let him pick up the prop lantern. "Be careful...if you drop it, it explodes," the writer joked.

The reader from the previous panel who enjoyed "Flash" as a book for his son to read came up, asking about the follow up story to Johns and Reis' "Secret Origin" arc on "Green Lantern." "We will do 'Green Lantern: Secret Origin 2: The Fall of Sinestro' but we're not sure when yet. The story is done, but it's a matter of scheduling at this point," Johns said.

A fan who asked after the Anti-Monitor got the response of "Wait until you meet his wife!" from Johns who quickly added. "I'm just kidding...he would never get married."

An active service member of the Air Force asked why we never see Hal Jordan in his dress uniform, to which the writer replied "Because he hates it...don't you?" The man agreed that he does in fact hate it, to which Johns said "I went to Edwards Air Force Base for a couple of months ago to hang out with actual test pilots."

A reader who's new to the property asked whether the ring in the "Green Lantern" movie would itself talk. Johns said that no, that wasn't part of the plan, adding, "The movie is so close to the comics in the mythology, characters and designs that it's pretty amazing...if you look at Abin Sur's ship in the movie, a lot of it is based on what Ivan did [in 'Secret Origin']."

Johns told a young fan that you will eventually see a character who will wear all of the colored Lantern Rings and "His costume is going to be super colorful too!" The fan said he wanted to see more stories with Jonathan "The Scarecrow" Crane as a Yellow Lantern, and Johns promised he'd think about it.

Asked to describe his take on "Aquaman" in one sentence, Johns said, "I can do it in one-word: 'Tough.' That's it. Or maybe 'Orange.'"

Johns echoed one of his most frequent questions to calls for spoilers when one fan asked if there was a chance Kyle Rayner would become Ion again. "There's a chance to see a lot of different things...there's always a chance." However, the writer did reveal that there was a method behind the colors of the chains Krona is using to keep the entity-possessed Guardians on a leash in the pages of "War of The Green Lanterns."

A fan wondered whether Johsn would return to the personal themes of life behind the mask that were explored in the classic "Green Lantern/Green Arrow" stories to which the writer replied. "The point of 'War of the Green Lanterns' really examines that...what kind of life is it when you never come out of the costume?"

Another reader wanted to know if the Joker would ever get a Lantern ring, and Johns revealed, "In 'Blackest Night,' we almost gave the yellow ring to Joker instead of Scarecorw...but we really wanted to explore Scarecrow in that way. Maybe in the future there will be a Yellow Lantern Joker."

Finally, the writer confirmed that the multiple Lantern Corps would continue to be developed in other media as much as possible, noting that Parallax will appear in the "Green Lantern" movie and the Red Lanterns will be the villains in the incoming animated series.

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