WC10: Return to Jurassic Park

"After thirty years in the business, I am now writing, so beware." Bob Schreck warned several times during IDW's "Jurassic Park: Redemption" panel last Friday at WonderCon.

Schreck summarized the series for the gathered fans, but kept quiet about any details. "[It's] thirteen years after the first movie, and little Timmy and Lex, the brother sister team that barely made it out alive in the first movie, are now young adults doing fairly well because grandpa Hammond left them a lot of money, and they're off doing their own thing, and I don't want to get any more specific than that..."

Addressing the future of Jurassic Park after the end of "Redemption," Schreck told the audience, "It's going to continue. IDW does this thing where we take a breather, and probably a month later there will be another 5 issue run, and again, I don't want to give it away. I'm the editor, I already have a writer, I'm just waiting for the ink to dry on the contract. I have a great writer that you're going to flip out about, but I can't say anything. I don't have an artist yet on the next run, but I do have some covers. I guess I can say I got Mark Schultz to do the first cover."

An audience member wondered if "Jurassic Park" would ever see an origin story. "I'm still the editor of the entire series," said Schreck, "so there's going to be some of that InGen (International Genetic Technologies Incorporated is the company that discovered how to clone dinosaurs) stuff in the next run. I'm not allowed to tell you more than that, but I think you'll be pretty happy." Bob concluded, "The next series, story wise, is going to go back, probably before the first movie."

Next, Schreck revealed that "Jurassic Park: Redemption" has no relation to the Topps "Jurassic Park" comics released in the nineties. However, Schreck mentioned that IDW would be reprinting the Topps comics in trade paperback form, although he was unsure of the release date.

"I remembered from looking at his 'Juxtapoz' article that he was really into monkeys." Bob Schreck said while talking about his search for and artist and how he ended up choosing Nate Van Dyke. "So I go on the internet, and am like, monkey art, monkey, monkey monkeys - I'm spelling monkey in every way I can think. Monkey with scissors on a motorcycle, I think, monkey motorcycle did it, and I was like, 'That's the guy!'" Bob was able to find Van Dyke, even though it had been five years since he'd seen the article featuring Van Dyke's art.

An audience member asked Schreck what it is about Nate that is so important to the series.

"Its his style," answered Schreck. "It just just screams 'dinosaur.' The way he draws the characters, it's as bold as they are." He then turned the floor over to the artist, prompting Nate to break his silence.

"I actually, I started coming to WonderCon about 15 years ago. I used to show my portfolio to Bob, many years ago, and I would stand there quivering, pimples and everything, and get him to look at my portfolio. He was always encouraging, but you know, the time wasn't right."

One audience member wanted to know why IDW would choose to make a "Jurassic Park" comic.

"IDW does a lot of licensed stuff," said Schreck, "and right now, the market is tough for creator owned material. We're fighting against video games, and movies, and iPads and everything. So its really tough to get people to sit down and read."

"It's a lot easier to get projects going if they are spring-boarding off of existing properties." added Tom Yeates.

Bob Schreck continued, "Even people who have been in the business many, many years, writers and such, at Marvel and DC, they come out with a creator owned book, and nobody comes to the table because it doesn't have bat ears. Everyone on this team, excluding myself because I'm a rookie, they really know what they're doing, and they're bringing a real art and heart to the page."

"What's not to love?" concluded Yeates, "You get to draw dinosaurs. What's more fun then drawing dinosaurs?"

"Jurassic Park: Redemption" begins June 2010

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