Fans of FOX's "Human Target" were treated to an exclusive showing of the show's season finale this past Sunday at WonderCon prior to a Q&A session with cast members Mark Valley and Jackie Earle Haley along with the show's Executive Producer, Jonathan Steinberg.

The episode, appropriately titled "Christopher Chance," gave attendees a glimpse at the origin of the brooding yet benevolent agent. "The mythology finds itself throughout the course of the season," Steinberg told the crowd.


In the finale, airing April 14 on FOX, fans of the show will learn that Chance was a hired killer before he became a hero. The season's final episode will take viewers back to the incident that changed everything for the bodyguard, when he decided to save a woman instead of assassinating her.

The episode switches between events occurring in the current time when Chance's crew is being interrogated by a man who thinks they are in possession of a valuable book, and in the past, with flashbacks showing viewers what happened when the woman he chose to protect rather than kill was murdered on his watch.


The challenge of adapting a well-known comic book for television didn't faze Steinberg, who also writes for the series. "I think we had a pretty good sense of where Chance came from when we started," he said.

Cast members spoke of the fun they had shooting the first season and expressed hopefulness that it will be picked up for another. And, as the panel's attendees saw, the finale left plenty of cliffhangers for the audience to look forward to.

"It's always exciting to read the next script. It was like being a kid and waiting for the next comic book to come out on the stands," Valley said.

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Being an action series, the show is heavy on hand-to-hand combat, and Valley joked that, in addition to his military training, he draws from experience pillow fighting and thumb wrestling. He employs a variety of martial arts forms when filming in order to create something that has become uniquely Chance. "As we're moving on, you see that Chance really does have a style," Valley told the audience.


Sometimes Valley admits to getting a little too into character, though. "I have to hold myself back from actually making sounds. Bam! Smash!," he said.

Haley, who plays bad guy turned good guy Guerrero, was also in attendance. Since his traditional schedule has the actor hitting the convention circuit in order to promote his prolific film career rather than an ongoing serial, he spoke with the audience about the differences between making a television show and shooting a movie. The long-term development proved a different experience for the actor.

"Normally when I'm sitting up here, it's on stuff I finished a year ago," Haley said.

In wrapping the panel, the show members told the crowd that if "Human Target" returns for a second season, its creators promise to outdo themselves. "The goal for the first season was to get dynamic for the guys," Steinberg said. "And then the goal for the second season was to screw it up."

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