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"Welcome to the WildStorm panel," said editor Shannon Denton to a small but intimate crowd of fans at San Francisco's WonderCon on Sunday. "I expect some powerful questions from you guys in the back."

Denton was joined by DC Comics' Vice President of Sales Bob Wayne, scribe Rick Sanchez ("Resident Evil"), and artist Jonathan Wayshak ("The Ferryman").

Denton jumped immediately into the slideshow presentation, recapping the World's End event in "Wildcats," teasing upcoming threats in "The Authority," and described how the fallout of those events hits the "Gen13" team.

"Basically we've got the Gen 13 guys coming to terms with the world becoming this gritty, Mad Max-like place and how they reconcile that with their spunky selves," said Denton.

When Denton got to Kurt Busiek's "Astro City: The Dark Ages," he said with reverence: "It is what it is, and you should expect more of the same."

Mysteriously, when they hit the slide on the sequel to "Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash," the art was missing. Pages had only just started coming in, explained Denton, and had not yet been colored.

The panel then moved on to the various video game licenses WildStorm company has been working on. Leading the charge was "Resistance: Fall of Man." "We've got a lot of people in the offices who play games and love games," said Denton, "so we're trying to make the game comics very quality and not just a corporate tie-in."

For the comic book based on Radical Games' "Prototype," Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti will write with Darrick Robertson penciling. Jim Lee will provide a variant cover.

"Jim Lee will be very busy with the game side of things," said Denton, "but come next year we'll see a lot more comics stuff from him."

Rounding out the presentation was the new "Resident Evil" series. Sanchez explained that "the book is a parallel story with creatures you've encountered with the games, but with original characters."

The floor was opened up for questions. One fan asked if Brian K. Vaughan would have any further projects with WildStorm. "A senior editor is working with Brian on a new project, but it hasn't been announced yet," replied Denton.

The next fan asked if there was any sort of E.T.A. for "Planetary" #27 by Warren Ellis and John Cassaday. The official answer? "Soon," said Denton. "It looks gorgeous from what I've seen. It'll be worth the wait."

Another oft-delayed book is Grant Morrison's next volume of "The Authority." "It'll come when it comes. He's working on it."

One more book that people are looking for? Jim Lee's "Wildcats" hardcover. "We're still in talks," said Wayne, "but Jim's very busy."

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