WB to Replace Defective Discs For 'Batman: The Complete Television Series'

Much like Batman, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has set out to right a wrong. Instead of capturing a dastardly villain, however, the company will send out replacements for defective discs in the Batman: The Complete Television Series box set.

A one-minute scene was dropped from the episode "Marsha’s Scheme of Diamonds," there's a problem with a bit of William Dozier voiceover in the pilot, and missing tags featuring villains from the end of various episodes. Warner Bros. will send out new discs containing fixed versions of the two problematic episodes, which will also include the villain tags. The replacements will also include a few new teasers that appeared during the original airings. The fixes can also be downloaded for digital purchasers.

“The restoration process of this footage – spanning 48 years and two major studios – has been a super heroic task, and we deeply regret even the smallest of glitches occurring in that process,” Warner Bros. Home Entertainment's Rosemary Markson said in a statement. “We recognize our obligation to the fans of this landmark series, and we have worked diligently to identify all issues and provide resolutions as quickly as possible.”

Anyone who is having trouble with their discs can visit Warner Bros.' customer service page, fill out the form and wait for the replacement discs to arrive.

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