WB, Machinima & DC Entertainment Announce "#4Hero," Reality Competition & More

In addition to "Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles" season two, Warner Bros., Machinima and DC Entertainment will produce "#4Hero" -- an adaptation of "Dial H For Hero" -- and a reality show based on "Starman," among other things, Variety reports.

At the Digital Content NewFronts presentation, "#4Hero" was described as a modern, live-action adaptation of DC Comics' comic series "Dial H For Hero." The show will follow Nellie Tribble, a woman who hopes to make her mark on the world, even though she is unprepared for what that entails.

Machinima, Blue Ribbon Content and DC Entertainment will also combine their efforts for an as-of-yet untitled reality competition, which challenges eight contestants to develop a live-action short video about DC Comics' "Starman" comic book series.

Additionally, the Machinima lineup includes "RoboCop," a short-form limited web series based on the film franchise; "Clive Barker's 'Creepy Pasta,'" which adapts Internet horror fan fiction legends like Slender Man; "Happy Wheels," a 10-episode animated series based on Jim Bonacci's Happy Wheels online game; "Jerome ASF's The Baka Chronicles," which follows two server admins in the "Minecraft" game; and "High School 51," which focuses on a high schooler who attends class at Dream Lake High School in Area 51.

Machinima will also renew "AFK," "Chasing the Cup," "Realm," "Battlefield Friends," "Sanity Not Included," "Deck Wars" and "Etc."

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