WB Games Leaked Codenames May Hint at Rumored DC Comics Projects

Wonder Woman Bracelets of Submission

The DC Universe may soon find itself with an arrival of new games if a certain rumor turns out to be true.

A recent post on ResetEra contains the leaked database from the Screen Actors Guild website and has WB Games listed as working on several games under mysterious codenames, one of which is Project Diana. Production on Diana is said to have begun in 2017, and given that’s the name of a certain Wonder Woman who had a film release in that year, it hasn’t taken much for some to believe we’ll be getting a Wonder Woman game.

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WB Games’ Montreal studio has been rumored to be working on two separate DC games for the last couple of years, and one of them, hypothetically, could be this. Earlier in the week, there were rumors that one of those games could be focused on the Court of Owls, a secret order in Gotham City that opposes Batman.

There have also been rumors of a Superman game in development, with the leading theory being that Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady was taking the helm, with a planned reveal during this Friday’s The Game Awards. Rocksteady has since confirmed these rumors are false.

For now, take the rumor with a huge grain of salt. CBR will have more on the story if it develops further.

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