Wayward Sisters Star Urges Fans to 'Lovingly Remind' CW to Pick Up the Series

In the aftermath and continued negotiations of television sweeps week, shows still on the chopping block hope for a death row pardon in the form of a last-second pick-up. Brooklyn Nine-Nine recently got one such rare second chance, and now the CW's Supernatural spin-off, Wayward Sisters, is hoping for a similar turn of luck. One of the show's stars, Briana Buckmaster, is urging fans to appeal to The CW to prove there is demand for the show to continue.

The CW aired a backdoor pilot of Wayward Sisters in January, but the showrunners received word last week that the show was officially not picked up for a full season. Over the weekend, the show's stars started a petition to save the show. That petition is currently almost to its 50,000 signature goal. Buckmaster, who plays Sheriff Donna Hanscum on Wayward Sisters, encouraged followers of the show to go to The CW's feedback page and send "gentle and loving reminders of what the #WaywardSisters means" to its viewers.

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According to Buckmaster, the CW's official announcement of canceled and renewed shows will be on the May 17. In the interim, the show's stars are trying to prove there is fan interest in seeing an entire series based on the pilot. Wayward Sisters would be the second attempt at a spin-off series based on The CW's hugely popular series, Supernatural.

Supernatural is in its 13th season, making it The CW's longest-running series. The show was recently renewed for a 14th season. The Season 13 finale airs Thursday, May 17 at 8/7 pm on The CW.

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