Watch the Trailer For Wayne, the New Series From Deadpool's Writers


A 16-year-old rights wrongs, and gets his butt kicked, in the trailer for Wayne, the action-comedy series from the writers of Deadpool and Zombieland.

Executive produced by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the 10-episode YouTube Premium series centers on Wayne, played by Mark McKenna (Sing Street), a young man from Brockton, Massachusetts, who commits himself to take on the people doing "rotten stuff." When his dying father tells him about the cherished 1978 Pontiac Trans Am that was stolen from him, Wayne sets off on a motorcycle with his girlfriend Del to reclaim the car in Ocala, Florida.

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Throughout the trailer, Wayne takes a lot of punishment, but always gives it out back harder. Chainsaws, blow torches, crowbars and a whole mess of beatdowns await him and his friends in the series. He’s even at one point wielding a garden gnome on a chain like a mace.

Wayne can't help himself from righting the world's wrongs. Now, against all odds, he and his one-of-a-kind girlfriend Del are on a road trip from Brockton, Mass to Ocala, Florida to reclaim what’s rightfully his: a majestic old car that was stolen from his sick father. With trouble behind them and danger ahead, Wayne and Del are bound to find themselves with their backs against the wall. But that’s okay.

Created and written by Shawn Simmons (Awkward), Wayne also stars Ciara Bravo (Red Band Society), Joshua J. Williams (Mudbound), Jamie Champagne (Odd Squad), Jon Champagne (Murdoch Mysteries) and Dean Winters (Brooklyn Nine-Nine).

Wayne premieres Jan. 16, 2019, on YouTube Premium.

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