Way Late On This News - The 2010 Glyph Winners Were Announced!

I meant to wait until last Monday to announce the winners, but I just totally forgot - what a screw-up on my part. My apologies!

In any event, the 2010 Glyph Awards were given out May 14th, and as one of the judges, I have to to say, in all modesty, that I think we did a bang-up job with the award nominees and winners!

Here are the winners for the 2010 Glyph Awards, which “recognize the best in comics made by, for, and about people of color”! They were announced at the East Coast Black Age of Comics Con.

Story of the YearUnknown Soldier #13-14, Joshua Dysart, writer, Pat Masioni, artist

Best WriterAlex Simmons, Archie & Friends

Best ArtistJay Potts, World of Hurt

Best Male CharacterIsaiah Pastor, World of Hurt, created by Jay Potts, writer and artist

Best Female CharacterAya, Aya: The Secrets Come Out, created by Marguerite Abouet, writer, Clement Oubrerie, artist

Rising Star AwardJay Potts, World of Hurt

Best Reprint PublicationAya: The Secrets Come Out, Drawn & Quarterly

Best CoverLuke Cage Noir #1, Tim Bradstreet, illustrator

Best Comic StripThe K Chronicles, Keith Knight, writer and artist

Fan Award for Best ComicLuke Cage Noir, Mike Benson & Adam Glass, writers, Shawn Martinbrough, artist

Congrats to the winners! And thanks to Rich Watson for running the whole she-bang! Be sure to check out his cool site, Great Black Comic Books!

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