Wax On, Wax On: <i>Karate Kid</i> Sequel Is On The Way

Unsurprisingly, a Karate Kid sequel has been given the green light after kicking several butts and taking $56 million worth of names in its opening performance at the box office last weekend.

Deadline reports that Sony and Columbia Pictures are currently meeting with writers to hear out pitches for where to take the second installment of the rebooted franchise. There's no official word yet on anyone else's involvement, though it's a surefire bet that Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan will reprise their roles as kung fu pals Dre Parker and Mr. Han, respectively. Otherwise, what's the point in a sequel?

No news on potential sequels for last weekend's other newcomer and wannabe franchise, The A-Team. Frankly, we probably won't hear much on that front, given how poorly the film performed both domestically and overseas.

But going back to Karate Kid, I do wonder how someone arranges a pitch meeting with Sony. Like, will the guy who made this get a chance to plead his case?

Man, any excuse to show that again.

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