Watchmen, Wolverine, Iron Man: January 10th Comic Reel Wrap


Costume illustrator Dawn Brown was interviewed by SyFy Portal who said, "The costume designer, Michael Wilkinson, gave me very specific direction on the design of the suits. Obviously, we are all aware of what Dave Gibbons did. Some character designs are very faithful to the book. Others will be completely different."


According to the Otago Daily Times (check "The Regions," direct links won't work for some reason) the production using the Queenstown Fun Centre Limited. "The Otago Daily Times understands the ice was taken off the rink recently and the surface will remain dry possibly until March. Rumours [sic] are circulating the Fun Centre may be earning as much as $4000 a week for the rental."

Many readers (including Peter English, Finn Sievwright, Jimmy, Earl Leonard and Shane Warbrooke) wrote in to correct yesterday's report where we claimed shooting locations were in Australia, when they are actually in New Zealand. Woops. Sorry about that!


Do you have questions about the reboot? Well, if you've got twenty five or fifty bucks, you can catch producer Gail Anne Hurd for a Q&A session in Palm Springs, CA on Saturday (or so this site claims. First person who sends in a detailed report gets one winning smile from CBR Exec Producer Jonah Weiland!


Marvel has posted some new wallpaper images from the Robert Downey Jr.-fueled action movie.


The day's most interesting news is that instead of negotiating, the AMPTP's leaderships is headed off to a luxury retreat in Carefree, Arizona. That's not made up.

Meanwhile, the abbreviated version of the People's Choice Awards was a ratings dud, while the Oscars are forging ahead even without WGA approval.

CBS narrowly avoided a strike by its news division, working out a new contract in that arena while making no progress in the entertainment arena.

Deadline Hollywood Daily's Nikki Finke reports that the strike means layoffs at major agencies, which have little to do in getting work for their clients in such a work-dry environment.

There's some question about the return of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert as to whether or not their respective returns to the air were as improvised as promised, given "film clips and visual aids cued up." All this while writers returned to the picket lines while trying to stay determined (and getting messages of support from unusual places).

On the op-ed side, the Los Angeles Times claims that side deals are not a good idea, while Entertainment Weekly breaks down why the strike's not over ... and likely won't be soon.

Finally, there was an incident of violence as a frustrated Fox employee attacked "Law & Order" show runner Rene Balcer with his car.


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