Watchmen, Winds of Winter, Heroes, TMNT: March 13th Comic Reel Wrap


Director Zack Snyder is banking on the great success he's had with "300" to go for a $150 million budget to adapt Alan Moore's superhero masterpiece, or so says the Hollywood Reporter. The studio, on the other hand, wants to keep it less than $100 million.


On his official website, writer Gianluca Piredda talks about the deal he signed to take his creation to Hollywood. "It will be produced by Solar Production and directed by Mark Murphy ('Casanova's Love Letters'). The story will be the same [as] we read in the book, but there will be some change. For example the character concept, [is] a little bit different than we['ve] seen in the comic book. Actually there is not an official cast. Gianluca and Mark Murphy are writing the script."


Right here at CBR we've got an expanded report on what went down at the Paley Television Festival this weekend, including cast members talking about their roles and maybe a spoiler or two.


Turtles fan, are you? Well, how about fifty five new images viewable over at Superhero Hype -- that do anything for you, holmes?


Norrin Radd's gleaming mug has been staring down at Los Angeles for some weeks now, and a new photo set at Kung Fu Rodeo lets the world see the same stuff. How egalitarian!

Meanwhile, actors Ioan Gruffudd and Jessica Alba were interviewed on E-Asylum, and somebody posted the segment on YouTube.


Here's a short story about that: no. Or, as quoted at Sci Fi Wire, actor Shia LaBeouf said, "I didn't think he would jump back on. Keanu went through a lot of s--t with that movie ... I've not heard anything, so maybe it's not [happening]."


The official blog has been updated with some commentary on how pulp entertainment informed the creation of Lobster Johnson, and what we can expect from the character in the next animated film.


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