Watchmen, Whiteout, Avengers: November 7th Comic Reel Wrap


Hollywood North Insider has set video from the Alan Moore adaptation.


Actor Columbus Short told MTV that fans have a while to wait before the frost sets in. "That one drops next October and it's me, Kate [Beckinsale], and Gabriel Macht. It's a suspense/thriller that takes place in Antarctica. I'm a U.S. Coast Guard pilot, she's a U.S. Marshall, and we're on this track to figure out the first murder in Antarctica; it's going to be an interesting tale."


Anxious to see the Avengers assemble on the silver screen? Despite the movie having a Zak Penn-penned script, Marvel's editor in chief Joe Quesada told MTV that it might not happen. "Quesada was quick to add that the chances of that actually happening were pretty astronomical," their article revealed.


Straight from the picket lines, producers Al Gough and Miles Millar made a statement about the WGA strike, and Kryptonsite has it in its entirety. "We were able to complete scripts for 15 episodes," the producers wrote. "Episode 15 is a cliffhanger. To the best of my knowledge, the studio plans to produce all of them. If there isn't a quick resolution, then the season ends in February. It is our wish that this strike will be resolved quickly so that we can get back to doing what we love -- writing."


Staying on the small screen for a bit, CBR News has the official press release about the magazine based on the show, as well as a set of preview images from next week's episode, "Four Months Ago." Finally, Herosite has fresh spoilers about the title for the possible season finale.


Still on the tube, Comics2Film has images from the Joker's return to the latest animated version of Gotham City.


Writer Robert Kirkman told Publishers Weekly about development on the adaptation of his work. "I've been contracted to write two drafts of the screenplay. We'll see where it goes from there," Kirkman said. "Transformers" producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura is attached but no word on how the strike will effect this effort.


Speaking of comics creators considering the picket lines, CHUD has an article about Neil Gaiman's conflict of interests since the project is currently in limbo until the labor dispute is settled. "I was writing it for a hypothetical director, and now I need to do a me as director draft," Gaiman said. "That's really the next thing that has to happen. But that's just personally. We'll see. There are lots of things happening on 'Death,' but they all seem to be contingent on each other and there's nothing I would feel comfortable talking about for fear of jinxing everything."


Superhero Hype reported that 20th Century Fox will film 85% of the Dragon Ball Z movie in Durango, Mexico under the direction of James Wong. The production, expected to film in 2008, plans to use the Mexiquillo Forest, Marley Ranch, Hacienda la Providencia, La Joya Ranch, Laguna Seca de Santiaguillo and a forum from a Convention Center in the Culture Institute. The sets will be constructed this month and shooting will begin in January and last through March. However, the movie cannot filmed completely in Durango, so they will move to Estado De México for some shots at Nevado de Toluca (an important volcano).


What was it like filming the big budget sequel? According to quotes at Sci Fi Wire, not so pleasant. "We warned them that this was going to be grueling and they may not like us after it's all over," said co-director Greg Strauss.

"We didn't want there to be any daylight shots of the alien or the predator, so this all took place in the dark and in the rain," added co-director Colin Strause. "We had three pairs of long johns on. But the suits [costumes] that the [creatures] wore absorbed a lot of water, and we had to be careful, because it was grueling for them in there. But everyone survived."


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