Watchmen, Transformers 2, Powers: February 10th Comic Reel


First and foremost, if you like spoilers, Dave Gibbons has one to beat the boards ... and that's all that should be said about that, thanks to First Showing.

There was a new video journal focusing on Rorschach's mask ...

Moreover, you can get up close and personal with Dave Gibbons and director Zack Snyder at two Apple Store appearances.

But let's get down to brass tacks -- this weekend was NYCC, and who sat in for the "Watchmen" panel? CBR News, that's who.

Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Carla Gugino, release date March 6, 2009.


What in the heezy if a "Fallen," you wonder? Take a gander at the first photo of the toy over at TF08.com.

Directed by Michael Bay, release date June 26, 2009.


Large check for Rob Liefeld? Right this way, straight from CBR News.

No release date or casting information announced.


CBR News was first on the scene to report from creator Brian Michael Bendis that the comic is headed to the cable network FX.

No crew or casting information available.


There might be some changes on the show, given that the Los Angeles Times is reporting that executive producers Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin have signed up to helm  the upcoming update of "Melrose Place" for The CW. Their article said, "While the show has yet to be renewed for a ninth season, sources assure that a greenlight for more is likely. And with Swimmer and Slavkin gone, the show's other two executive producers, Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson, are poised step in as show runners."

Next episode: "Infamous," March 5, 2009.


Looking more closely at the mutant-minded movie, CBR News has a preview of the game based on the film.

Directed by Gavin Hood, release date: April 29, 2009.


CBR News has a spoiler filled early review of the direct-to-DVD animated feature.

Starring Keri Russell and Nathan Filion, release date March 3, 2009.


First Showing has a story about the new viral site supporting the film.

Starring Bruce Willis, release date: September 25, 2009.


First Showing also noted that actor Jeremy Renner is in negotiations to join the project.

Directed by Sylvain White, no release date announced.


IGN checked out the NYCC panel for the animated series, and noted that the show's voice cast includes "Constantine" star Djimon Hounsou as T'Challa, Alfre Woodard as his mother and "Fantastic Four" actress Kerry Washington as his sister, while discussing the concept of a live action movie.

Release date: February 2009.


Speaking of animation, CBR News caught the Marvel Animation panel and has some footage from the new look at Tony Stark's adventures.

No release date announced.


Speaking of directors, a story at Moviehole claims that McG's JJ Abrams-penned Superman adaptation may be back on after many years, with actor Brendan Fraser getting into the tights ... if it can be filmed in the US, as apparently McG is afraid of flying.

No release date announced.


What kept actor/director Stephen Chow from the films? His very own superhero film, which China.org.cn notes has the possibility of Anne Hathaway joining the cast.

Starring Seth Rogen, no release date announced.


Mark Millar was the subject of an interview with Newsarama, where he made an interesting comment: "I don't see anything at all from the 'Avengers' movie, even with Zak saying that he's going to use the 'Ultimates' as a plot for his film. And I'm fine with that, because it's work for hire. So, no, I've never gone into a project thinking that it will be a great movie franchise for Marvel. I just want to tell a great story." Would that be Zak Penn? Hmm ... thanks to Holden Leung for the tip.

No release date announced.


CBR News has panel reports from NYCC on both parties.

No release date announced.


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