<i>Watchmen</i>: The premiere is nigh

• Slate.com's Grady Hendrix argues that the Alan Moore-Dave Gibbons miniseries is a failure in that its "most meaningless and shallow aspects were mistakenly hailed as its virtues and then widely imitated."

• At The Walrus, Sean Rogers offers a "corrective to Watchmenmania" -- a list of "funniest, most thoughtful, and often most searing entries in the masked hero genre." You'll find Herbie, 1963, "The Death Ray" and more.

• Marvel.com breaks out a new feature, the "Marvel Watch List," which spotlights five stories that helped to define the Marvel Universe.

• The Isotope Lounge has all the recipes you'll need for your after-Watchmen cocktail party.

• A nostalgic Gawker travels back in time to mid-'80s New York City.

• The movie already has grossed $4.6 million from its midnight showings.

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