<i>Watchmen</i>: The premiere is nigh

I'm in full roundup mode, apparently, as I've decided to gather a bunch of Watchmen-related links that don't involve movie reviews or Alan Moore shaking his fist at Hollywood. I imagine most of us have read the miniseries, or at least read enough about it, that nothing here will spoil anything for you. But just in case: Some of these links may contain spoilers.

• John Jackson Miller provides sales estimates for each of Watchmen's 12 issues during the original release in 1986-87. He also tries to figure out when each of the issues hit the stands.

Wired.com's video of Dave Gibbons discussing his art process for the comic is really good. (via The Ephemerist)

New Scientist examines the science of Watchmen.

• The National Post quotes Toronto retailers Christopher Butcher and George Zotti for "A comic book neophyte's guide to Watchmen."

• At io9.com, Graeme McMillan answers "9 Questions You May Have About Watchmen."

• At Fairfield Weekly, Nick Keppler looks at the Charlton Comics characters that inspired the Watchmen.

• Collected Editions runs down a flurry of books, from the three current editions of the original Watchmen to what comics a beginner should read next.

Comic Book Movies, MTV's Splash Page and Slashfilm have photos of "Who Watches the Watchmen?" and "The End Is Nigh" graffiti in Toronto (at Silver Snail) and in New York City.

• Super Punch links to assorted Watchmen finds, from a Pez dispenser to a LEGO Owlship to a Doomsday Clock.

The art at the top of the post is "Lil' Watchmen," by Glen Brogin.

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