Watchmen, Stardust, Speed Racer, Transformers: June 5th Comic Reel Wrap


"X-Men 3: The Last Stand" composer John Powell posted an interesting note on his MySpace blog that he's in the early stages of piecing together his score for the upcoming Warner Brothers adaptation of Alan Moore's superhero masterpiece. "The second project [I'm currently working on] is still in preliminary stages," Powell wrote. "It is entitled 'The Watchmen,' based off the famous graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. No release date has been set for the film, but I'll be sure to update you if you're terribly curious ... I am working on the next 'Bourne' score, for the record. Filming for the movie hasn't quite begun yet, but, like 'The Watchmen,' I've begun to scribble a few things down."


Eagle-eyed reader Kevin Bradsher wrote in to point out this link where the transformation of an English street into a fantasy world is chronicled.


IGN's FilmForce has an interesting rumor about the "Matrix's" Wachowski Brothers looking at writing and directing the live-action, feature film version of Speed Racer for Joel Silver Pictures and Warner Bros. Silver Pictures said it would not comment about any potential project that may or may not be in an early stage of development. Now, given that two years ago actor Vince Vaughn sold Warner Brothers his pitch on the property (with Vaughn as Racer X), there's no telling where the truth actually lies (his reps at UTA had "no comment").


According to the Hollywood Reporter (subscription required) comedian Ronnie Sperling has joined the cast of the Dreamworks film, playing "a lead scientist."


Moviehole has a new rumor claiming that a Fox Australia media schedule lists the new film as "Fantastic Four: The Next Chapter."


Keanu Reeves spoke to Comingsoon.net about getting sized up for a fresh trenchcoat. "It's kind of in the air," he said of sequel hopes. "Maybe. I'd love to, but I don't know if the producers would want to do it ... It's a long story. We've got to figure it out."


New set reports continue to fly in from Superhero Hype (and from a scooper's blog), even with more photos.


Men.Style has a set of new production stills from the Bryan Singer-helmed DC adaptation, and also has samples from the script along with some analysis of that material.


Comingsoon.net also talked to actor Nicolas Cage about his incendiary Marvel movie. "They were just tweaking certain things towards the end," he said. "The reason the movie was delayed, I know that's been on people's minds. There were some effects that finally got authorized by the studio which [writer-director] Mark [Steven Johnson] really wanted and they're pretty big and it took time to put them together and design them. So we had to delay it and I think it's good because it's something we really wanted to fight for with Ghost Rider going into battle with a helicopter."


Comics Continuum has a summary of the Erica Durance panel at Wizard World Philadelphia, where she talked about limitations from editorial. "DC Comics has really clamped down on Lois," she said. "You can't do a dream sequence (with her and Clark) or any of that sneaky stuff."


The new trailer for the direct-to-DVD sequel is online at IGN.


In our continuing coverage of the financial fortunes of the film, "The Break Up" overtook the top box office spot, dropping "X-Men 3" to second place, $175.7 million after 10 days, compared with 18 days for its 2003 predecessor. In other news, we found images of unused character designs for Stacy X as well as Dark Phoenix and Smoke. Finally, producer Lauren Shuler Donner told USA Today that an Emma Frost related project is in the works with "Three Kings" director David O. Russell.


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