Watchmen, Spider-Man 4, GI Joe: March 16 Comics Reel


As reported on Variety and elsewhere, "Watchmen" took a steep dive in its second weekend, with sales falling 67% to $18.1 million. It was the second top movie of the weekend, behind Disney's "Race to Witch Mountain."

But in other "Watchmen" news, co-writer David Hayter has formed Dark Hero Studios, together with producer Benedict Carver. The house will create genre projects in several media, beginning with the Hayter written-and-directed film "Demonology."

Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Malin Ackerman.

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra

Toplessrobot.com posted a screencap of Christopher Eccleston as Destro, only to get a takedown notice from Paramount. The image is still up at IESB, though, most likely for a limited time only.

G.I. Joe is directed by Stephen Sommers, and hits theatres August 7

The Goon

For more first-looks, AICN has the first images of David Fincher's "The Goon" animated movie. Go on and have a look.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Possibly worth verifying with a friend who speaks French: Screenrant follows a discussion on director Michael Bay's forum in which a poster translates a Première Cine Live article stating that John Turturro will voice Jetfire in the "Transformers" sequel. Turturro will also be reprising his role as Agent Simmons.

In other RotF news, Digital Spy has it that Bay is eager to sign Frank Welker, the original Megatron, for play the voice of Soundwave. Welker was replaced as Megatron by Hugo Weaving in Bay's first "Transformers" film.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is released on June 24.

Superman/Batman Animated

CBR's Robot 6 has the news that the next direct-to-dvd feature from Warner Bros. Animation following "Green Lantern: First Flight" will be "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies." The movie will be based on the comic series' initial story arc by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies is expected to be released this fall, with Bruce Timm as Executive Producer.

Spider-Man 4

Though the news is slight, it's been cropping up everywhere: Spider-Man series director Sam Raimi has told reporters at SXSW that he is in the process of working with writers to sort out a story for "Spider-Man 4." He and the producers are also trying to decide who the villains will be, and would really like Kirsten Dunst to return.

Wonder Woman

Possibly nothing, but for Wonder Woman fans determined to hold onto hope, IESB reports that the moribund live-action film may on the road to recovery at Warner Bros. and Silver Pictures. New Silver Pictures President Andrew Rona is allegedly pushing hard to make the film a priority and the studio has begun taking new pitches for scripts.

No Heroics

ABC Studios' localization of the British ITV series "No Heroics" will star Paul Campbell as a Canadian superhero who can freeze small objects, according to Hollywood Reporter. The pilot is written by Jeff Greenstein and "No Heroics" creator Drew Pearce.

The Losers

Blackfilm.com is reporting that Columbus Short has signed on to play Pooch in Sylvain White's big screen adaptation of "The Losers." The film also stars "Watchmen's" Comedian, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, as Clay.

Ellison vs. Star Trek

Variety is reporting that Harlan Ellison is suing CBS Paramount over the 1967 "Star Trek" episode, "City on the Edge of Forever." Ellison wrote the Hugo award-winning episode and believes the studio has capitalized on his work through merchandising and other venues without properly compensating him. For added measure, Ellison is suing the Writers Guild of America for $1 (yes, 100 pennies) in damages plus attorneys fees, alleging the guild should have done a better job sticking up for his rights.

SciFi to SyFy

ICV2 has the announcement that, in an effort to broaden its appeal, the SciFi Network will rebrand itself as SyFy in July. Which is still better than their original idea...


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