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Reports at IGN's FilmForce state that neophyte screenwriter Alex Tse has been brought in to "knit together two of Hayter's drafts, which are said to represent his best efforts on the project from when Paul Greengrass was attached to direct."


Oh, you'd like to see the new teaser poster, would you? That would be just the sort of thing you'd enjoy, huh? Well, all right -- get on over to Superhero Hype and gaze lovingly at it, if you must ...

In other news, the production continues its stay in the Big Apple, snarling traffic and scamming free parking in front of driveways and on top of old ladies. Your tax dollars at work ...


We did mention you could watch the entire pilot online, right? Just checking.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Universal Pictures has acquired the rights to the horror comic book published by Boom! Studios. Marc Platt will produce the adaptation along with Ross Richie and Andrew Cosby via their Boom Entertainment Inc. banner.


Superhero Hype also reports that the Sci Fi Channel has picked up the Palmiotti/Quesada anti-heroine for 22 action-packed one-hour episodes, premiering in January 2007.


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