Watchmen, Speed Racer, Incredible Hulk: August 27th Comic Reel Wrap


According to quotes in Wizard Magazine, director Zack Snyder claims that co-creator Dave Gibbons is involved in making the movie. "I think that it's awesome to have that,," Snyder said, "because in some ways it does give me benchmark that I can understand whether or not I'm off the mark. I pretty much figure that he'd go, 'No. I wouldn't say that. It's not right.' And you know what? He did give me some notes on the script, and they were all awesome, and I took them all. So it's good."


Actress Susan Sarandon was quoted by Superhero Hype talking about finishing up the film in Berlin. "[The Wachowskis] just called me because they're having their wrap party, and they're missing me," Sarandon told press at an event promoting a film called "The Valley of Elah." "But it was a good experience. It was an interesting summer and I got to know Berlin well ... I think it's going to have a lot of heart - the film - because they really care about family. They come from a very tight family, and they came to visit - a very oddball family. It was fun and humbling because I didn't have much to do. It was a whole new experience which is why I did it, 'cause it's massive and it's technical and style. But I love the Wachowskis, I really do; and the cast was really sweet, and I've certainly never worked with a chimp before."


You can certainly see which way Dr. Banner went -- a private citizen's blog has photos from the Toronto set of mocked up NYPD cars smashed in the line of duty.

We also got an email from Sandy Zita, who wrote, "Slight correction in the 'Hulk' item for August 24 ... It's Yonge Street ... Not Younge. And the Canon Theatre not Cannon." Thanks for the correction!


We got an email from Ryan Steward noting a wiki interview with actor James Kyson Lee, who said, "I think in the supernatural world, we do need a character that a mortal and somewhat relatable. I think that is Ando. He does sort of represent the human race in this supernatural world, if you will. And there's something fun about that. Ando's a fun character to play because he's able to take the audience with him on the journey. So I really enjoy that."

Actor Zachary Quinto was interviewed by Superhero Hype talking about both being young Spock and what's next for Sylar. "The thing that they're pushing in the marketing on the new season is stories," Quinto said. "It's really true. There's a whole host of new characters and new heroes. There's a whole new landscape in which Sylar finds himself. I mean that literally and figuratively. Where he picks up on the second season is probably just about the last place people would expect to find him considering where we last saw him at the end of the first season. I think there is a lot to look forward to and it really hits the ground running, that's for sure."

Finally, Herosite has fresh spoilers about upcoming episodes as well.


The rumor from IESB suggests flights and tights. "There will be motion capture used in the film but it will not be an all out 'motion capture production.' Heavy motion capture will be used for the OMACs, the underwater sequences and such. So, all in all, this will be a traditionally made film with some motion capture characters, pretty much like every big fantasy movie these days. So that appears to be the final word on that subject."

They also note a rumor reiterated at Kryptonsite that actor Tom Welling had been approached to get all red and blue for the movie, but their update from producer Al Gough is quick with the debunking. "Completely false. Hasn't been approached. He's under contract to the show through season 8," Gough said.

"We have triple checked this out and all indications are that Tom Welling in fact is a go on the WB side," IESB's Robert Sanchez said. "I rechecked with my sources and they are all still saying yes, yes Tom Welling, yes 'Justice League,' yes production starts early next year and yes 'Smallville' will have to work around it. Believe me, the IESB will be the first to post a retraction on a story if we are proved wrong, but right now, this is what we are hearing."


The trailer for the CW's Fall Preview Special hosted by Erica Durance is online at the network's Dayton, OH affiliate.


IGN has some interesting rumors about how the property is developing for a global audience. "G.I. Joe is now a Brussels-based outfit that stands for Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity, an international co-ed force of operatives who use hi-tech equipment to battle Cobra, an evil organization headed by a double-crossing Scottish arms dealer. The property is closer in tone to X-Men and James Bond than a war film." What about Action Man? "Looks like he will be gone, this new script is set to be 100% GI Joe, it will revolve around the characters we all grew up with fighting Cobra, Destro, the Baroness and Storm Shadow. When do they expect to have this new script ready? Six to eight weeks. Pre-production is expected to start by October-November and production to start early '08."


Actress/writer Rosario Dawson talked to Comics2Film about how much she loves working in comics. "With acting, I've been doing that for thirteen years and no one ever asked me about how I wanted to edit it or how I wanted to market it or how to do any of that stuff" Dawson said. "I've learned a lot of really great things and I've also seen a lot of things that I would never want to do personally and I've learned from that.


Director DJ Caruso told MTV that he could see actor Shia Lebeouf in the role of poor Yorick. "This is funny, but unbeknownst to me: Shia was already chasing this part prior to anything," Caruso said. "I haven't talked to him yet about it because he's off shooting 'Indiana Jones 4,' but Shia is the right type and the right personality because you want to have the humor, but you also want to have the seriousness. So we'll talk about it when we get there."


Comingsoon.net reports that the Gabriel Macht-fueled Will Eisner adaptation will be in multiplexes everywhere by January 16th.


Moviehole claims that Logan is moving to Australia to film the new prequel.


The official website has been launched, which has a full screen version of the new restricted audiences trailer.


Is the show's Cartoon Network future in danger? Notes at Toon Zone say "maybe so," noting that it's not on the schedule for September.


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