Watchmen, Son of the Mask, Superman, Batman Begins: January 28th Comic Reel Wrap


According to DC-On-Film, "'The Watchmen,' a long awaited film adaptation of Alan Moore's classic graphic novel is already under full pre-production at Pinewood Studios in England. The Paul Greengrass-helmed film will begin principal photography sometime this year. So far the production has picked up Production Designer Dominic Watkins ('Bad Boys 2,' 'Bourne Supremacy'), Art Director Peter Wenham ('Bourne Supremacy'), and Visual Effects Supervisor Steven Begg ('Batman Begins,' 'Brothers Grimm,' 'Tomb Raider' films). We hear Dominic's already started some set designs, and the rest of the cast and crew can't be far behind."


Yahoo! Movies has posted eight new clips from the Jim Carrey-free sequel starring Jamie Kennedy.


An article at the Daily Telegraph has photos of the Kent farm set.


Speaking of photos, there's a first look at the movie's story book available, as well as a new pic over at JoBlo and a shot of the Batmobile toy.


According to Comics Continuum, "'The Quest,' a new episode of Teen Titans, debuts on Saturday at 8 p.m. on Cartoon Network. Here's how the network describes the episode: 'When Robin is defeated by the malicious martial artist Kitarou, he embarks on a difficult quest to seek a mysterious, legendary teacher known only as ... The True Master.'" They also have a series of screen captures.


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