Watchmen, Smallville, Heroes: August 21st Comic Reel


Entertainment Weekly has feedback from Fox about possible fan outrage over plans to injunctively stop the film's release.  A spokesperson for the studio said, "Of course we are concerned about the fans; however, any disappointment from the core fans should not be directed toward Fox. What we are doing is seeking to enforce our distribution rights to 'Watchmen.' Legal copyright ownership should not just be swept under the rug and ignored."


CBR News has a special feature about new cast members Cassidy Freeman and Sam Witwer.  

CBR News also posted video from Comic-Con showcasing Justin Hartley.  


Herosite has screen captures from a new promotional spot that hit the airwaves.


CBR News also has a chat with writers Greg Rucka and Alan Burnett about their involvement with the direct-to-DVD animated feature.


Speaking of animated adventures for the Bat, Collider.com spoke with producer James Tucker, story editor Michael Jelenic, and voice actor Diedrich Bader about some of the DCU stars who will appear on the show.  "I like our Green Lantern: Guy Gardener.  He's got such a great character compared to the others in our story.  He's such a... a d**k really.  But at the end of the episode you come to understand why he's a Green Lantern.  Yes he's a d**k, but you can count on him," said Jelenic.


You can see new photos of action figures based on the film's characters at Toy News International.  


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