Watchmen, Smallville, Beowulf, Heroes: July 25th Comic Reel Wrap


Oh, those loquacious actors -- what would we do without their slips of tongue? While promoting their film "Lakeview Terrace," his co-star (herself known as Alicia Masters to many comics fans) Kerry Washington told MTV that actor Patrick Wilson has been called "Nite-Owl" around the set. "Isn't that exciting?" Washington said. "It's what he goes into next ... I keep teasing him. Whenever he eats candy or something, I go: 'You're playing a superhero! I don't think you should be eating pretzels!'"

How did Wilson respond to this faux pas? "I'm not a good liar," he said, "so I really shouldn't go into it."


Producer Al Gough can be heard in this podcast at Voices of Krypton, detailing exactly who will be flying around the set and when.

Also, Kryptonsite has fresh spoilers about the upcoming seventh season episode "Cure."


Writer/producer Roger Avary spoke to Comics2Film about bringing the European myth to life. "It was the horror in getting the book in high school English and you look at it and you think, 'what the hell is this,' and I just had this natural instinct to overcome ..." Avary said. "I immediately saw a monster movie that took me back to the Fritz Lang adaptation and also 'Excalibur' and 'Legend.' It's a genre I deeply love."


Anxious to see this weekend's 'con, but can't wait for your pass? Screw that -- we got an email from Umbrax, who posted some sneak peeks on his blog. Mmm, lunchboxes.


Speaking of "Beowulf," another creative mind who worked on it was Neil Gaiman, who also talked to Comics2Film about the Lord of Dreams and his other cinematic conquests. "I would still rather no 'Sandman' movie ever got made than a bad 'Sandman' movie got made. And making a 'Sandman' movie or having one made is not high on my list of things that need to happen before I die. I think if a 'Sandman' movie gets made, it will get made because somebody will come along who has the same relationship to 'Sandman' that Peter Jackson did to 'Lord of the Rings' or even that Sam Raimi had to 'Spider-Man.' It's important for them, they have to tell that story and they have to get it right. Because 'Sandman' is two and a half thousand pages and it's not something that's an automatic no-brainer. It's more problematic than 'American Gods' and 'American Gods' is problematic. So I don't know. But I look at Frank and it took Frank roughly twenty years to get to the point of being Frank in Hollywood. People forget 'Robocop 3.'" Ooooh ...


A reader named Bryan wrote in to say, "Xbox Live is having a 'bring it home' special for SDCC. They are partnered with Warner Bros to cover the panels, trailers, etc. In the preview they have about it on the main Xbox site they show posters for things like the new 'Superman/Doomsday' movie, the 'Terminator' series and a few games. Who knows maybe we will get the rumored 'Dark Knight' trailer in HD (a lot of people are hoping for that one)." Thanks for the tip, Bryan!


San Diego looms. Urg.

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