Watchmen, Silver Surfer, Terminator: September 2nd Comic Reel


Anxious to see the Warner Brothers movie? Well, don't rush to pre-purchase your tickets online -- according to the New York Times, things could stretch out into next summer. Their article focused on the joint report submitted Friday to the federal court by lawyers for both Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox. "Fox has said it will seek an injunction blocking Warner's planned release of the film next March. Warner has argued that Fox should not be allowed to stop the movie, after standing by while Warner and its partners on the film, Paramount Pictures and Legendary Pictures, spent more than $100 million on the production, directed by Zack Snyder ... The report also outlined conflicting requests for a trial date: as early as next June, if Fox has its way, or April, if Warner prevails."


Director Alex Proyas was rumored to be the man to helm the story of Norrin Radd ... but he told MTV that he'd never play along with rights holder 20th Century Fox. Proyas said, "I'm determined never to work with them ever again because of my experience on 'I,Robot' ... It's like the origin of Silver Surfer was in that movie, and I'm going, 'This is such a f***ing great story, why throw it away?' I think they messed it up."


CBR News has a feature article on executive producer Josh Friedman.


Voice actor Peter Cullen spoke with Ain't It Cool News about the sequel. "I've had one work day with Michael," Cullen said. "We did the opening. But I didn't have the opportunity to see any real footage -- until I was leaving. I hate to use the word over and over 'knocked out,' but I was stopped in my tracks. 'Whoa! Can I see that again!?!?' It's going to be huge," Cullen said.

Meanwhile, there's some video footage at Jalopnik.com showcasing a new Chevrolet model featured in the sequel.


Will Thomas Jane play the DC character? Directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor told The Movie Blog that the answer ... is no. "We're excited about looking for the lead," Neveldine said. "We have some options for Jonah Hex."

Taylor said, "We had never brought his name up, he's great, we like him ... We don't see the guy as Jonah Hex, to be quite honest with you. But we like him. We're totally stoked that he would do that, it's so awesome."


How did actor Aaron Johnson snag the lead? He told The Daily Mail "I was working in the U.S. anyway and did a screen test using an American accent and he didn't realise I was British. I kind of fooled him." Director Matthew Vaughn added, "I fell off my chair when I was told. His American accent is pitch perfect and he can bloody well act."


Will we see Agent Phil Coulson again? The character's actor Clark Gregg told Superhero Hype, "I was on a plane with Robert Downey the other day, and I was saying, 'C'mon now, I'm feeling Coulson's gotta come back!' so we're open. I'm pretty sure Downey will be in the next one. I'm pretty sure Gwyneth (will be)."


"I've been holding out [on doing a comic book movie] and the reason why I've been holding out is because I am going ... I'm waiting to do a film where the protagonist is the villain," Diesel said. "I'm kind of done with the Marvel hero. I now want to see ... what would be exciting to me, and no one's come to me with yet, is a film about a villain that we're familiar with at Marvel, and showing the complexities of ..."


Batman-On-Film has an interview with the effects guru from both films thus far.

Actor Johnny Depp is quoted at Comic Cynic debunking rumors about being cast as the Riddler. "Oh yeah I heard about that. Not that I know of," Depp said. "It seems like it'd be a fun gig for a while, yeah."

Meanwhile, in case you were keeping score, "The Dark Knight" broke $500 million in domestic box office receipts.


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