Watchmen, Punisher 2, 30 Days of Night, The Dark Knight: December 18th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Wizard, artist John Cassaday is doing costume design for the Zack Snyder-helmed film. "I've turned down film design work before, but this was 'Watchmen,'" said Cassaday. "That's different."


Actor Thomas Jane talked to Big Fan Boy and confirmed that screenwriter Stuart Beattie ("30 Days of Night") has signed on to pen the screenplay. "Just straight noir, drama, with the inherent blood and guts in it," Jane said of the sequel, which he also confirmed will be set in New York.


There's a new photo from the Steve Niles adaptation online at Superhero Hype, showing Josh Hartnett in quite a hurry.


Actor Heath Ledger told STLToday.com that he'd be disguising his own Australian accent and playing the clown prince of crime as an American.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Tribune discusses the sequel's return to the windy city, which provided for tons of pre-release fan photos and info for the last film.


Superhero Hype also has a scooper report claiming that the webs will hit the theaters next month. Their insider wrote, "Apparently, a 'Spider-Man 3' segment will be appearing on AMC/Cinemark Theaters First Look pre-feature program in early January. I just got back from a show this evening, and at the end of the First Look bit, they said to look for a 'Spider-Man 3' First Look clip early next month, and they also showed a bit of footage that we have seen in the trailers."


IESB is reporting that garrulous actor Doug Jones will be giving an autograph party January 2nd, 2007 at Dark Delicacies, 4213 W. Burbank Blvd. in Burbank, CA. The actor is well known for chatting up his projects, so get out there and let us know what he has to say about Abe Sapien and Norrin Radd!


Slashfilm has an interview with director Guillermo del Toro, where he discusses just what's happening with Boston Brand. "What happened is, I've gotten an incredibly beautiful offer from Warner Bros to finance a trailer," del Toro said. "So they said we'll finance a trailer so that you can show us what you see the movie being like. And I'm going to storyboard and script a little three minute trailer."


Fiiiiire! The latest update on the official movie blog covers the visual effects piece of the Nicolas Cage vehicle.


Composer Mark Snow was interviewed by Pluggd and spoke about the possibilities of a spin-off as well as other topics.

Over at Devoted to Smallville, they note that veteran actor Phil Morris will be playing a certain green-skinned visitor from another world on the hit CW series.


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