Watchmen: 2009's Nite Owl Actor Patrick Wilson Is 'Loving' HBO Series

Patrick Wilson, star of 2009's Watchmen film, said he's a big fan of the new HBO series.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Aquaman star Wilson about his new film, Midway, and talk turned to HBO's Watchmen series. Wilson played Nite Owl in Zack Snyder's cinematic adaptation of the popular graphic novel, and it turns out he's been actively following the new show

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“I’m loving it; I’ve seen every episode,” Wilson said. “Of course, I was curious because I had such reverence and love not only for the graphic novel and film, but the experience of making the movie.”

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While a number of characters from the original book and its film adaptation have appeared in the new series, we've only heard tell of Nite Owl. According to the lore of the series, Nite Owl was arrested in the '90s and it seems not much has been heard from him since. We do know that members of the Tulsa police have technology similar to Nite Owl's, but it hasn't been revealed how they acquired it.

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Though Wilson won't be reprising his role on Watchmen, his DC days aren't over yet. The actor will be appearing in Aquaman 2 as the villainous Ocean Master, though it's not clear what his arc will be following his defeat in the first film.

Watchman airs Sundays on HBO.

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