Watchmen, Justice League, Lady Death, Smallville: September 28th Comic Reel Wrap


"Shaun of the Dead" actor Simon Pegg told Underground Online that somebody is interested in him being involved in the Alan Moore adaptation. "I just reread Watchmen because I got sent the screenplay. We know the producer, Lloyd Levin, and I told him I was interested, so he sent it along as something to think about. I would just love to play Rorschach."


Comics Continuum chimes in with news about the hit Cartoon Network series. "Smallville" star Michael Rosenbaum will reprise his role as Ghoul on the series, which voice director Andrea Romano characterized as, "It's basically his impression of Christopher Walken." Rosenbaum also gives voice to The Flash, and has helped out as Deadshot as well. They also have some screen captures showing some future characters to be seen, including the Ultimen, Bizarro and Aquaman.


According to Superhero Hype the animated film will hit DVD players this October 5th, in plenty of time for Halloween, and celebrating the character's 10th anniversary. "I think she is the ultimate anti-heroine and in some ways defines what we all sometimes wish for: the drive to achieve our goal no matter the cost," said writer/producer Andy Orjuela.


Superhero high school? Bruce Campbell? That un-possible ... or is it? A CSUN student who emailed Ain't It Cool News doesn't think so, and sends in data on the currently filming genre film going for "brain, brawn and beyond."


Devoted to Smallville has the latest trailer from the hit WB series, showing some football tossin' action. The WB has also posted a video clip with Erica Durance (dial-up, broadband). "I think there might be a little bit of chemistry," the actress said. "But it's not something that they go in to because they are just too different and maybe they don't want it." Plus, Kryptonsite has a new promotional image from the upcoming episode "Facade."


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