Watchmen, Iron Man, The Spirit, Aquaman: July 25th Comic Reel Wrap


The stories from last weekend are still trickling in. For example, director Zack Snyder got penned into one that wasn't about "300" with Frank Miller, but a project that's been much more beleaguered. Sci Fi Wire tells the tale. "I feel like Alex [Tse] has taken the [David] Hayter [X2] draft and whacked it around, and everyone has got ideas," Snyder said. "You know, he said, 'What about this?' And I said, 'OK.' I don't know. I haven't seen anything yet that makes me think that we're any closer to it. What will happen? I don't know. I can tell you this: As far as I'm concerned, ... the Watchmen movie needs to frickin' be hard and challenge everybody. ... The awesome thing about it is that Warner Brothers has it, and in some way it's incredibly poetic that they do. Because they have Superman and Batman, and I always go, 'Do you guys realize what 'Watchmen' is? ... Do you really want me to make this movie?' And, you know what, I think to their credit, they're like, 'Yeah, we think we do.' Because I think they know."


Not just hard facts, but hearsay and rumor escaped the bowels of the San Diego Convention Center ... just like this one at Cinescape, where a scooper wrote, "I was at Comic Con on Saturday for the MARVEL Panel. I might even have a scoop for you that WASN'T announced from anyone on the panel. I sat a row behind two of the guys from Paramount -- I knew they were from Paramount because they had call sheets, or itineraries of the panel, with Paramount logos all over them and kept mentioning 'the time.' There was a woman too -- and they were talking amongst themselves once the 'IRON MAN' stuff got underway. All I heard was this 'I believe Tom Cruise has got it in the bag, yeah.' That's what one of them said to the other. I swear. I remember Cruise rumors a few years back about this, but didn't know he still in the mix? I don't know how much these people would know, but I think it's still very interesting nonetheless." Online, Favreau has stated that he's looking for an unknown to get into the suit, and this rumor remains unconfirmed.


CBR News covered the panel which featured new director/screenwriter Frank Miller (yes, the "Sin City"/"300" one) and producer Michael Uslan. Miller was at first reluctant to take on the project, but then said he told himself, "I can't let anyone else touch that thing."


The torpedoed pilot episode has popped up not on some mysterious and hard to find BitTorrent link, but legally and aboveboard at the iTunes Music Store for just a couple of bucks.


Comics Continuum has nine new images from tomorrow's new episode, "The Evil WIthin," and a network description that goes something like this: "Boone continues his killing rampage and pays a visit to Damek at the House of Armaya. Krista learns Boone's whereabouts through her A.D.E. and rescues his hostage Patricia. Charlotte, the diminutive head of Chthon, confronts Marcus about Aurora. Chase attacks and presumably kills Boone, so Marcus sends her to Berlin to track down a pregnant patient. Blade also travels to Berlin to get to the pregnant patient Vanessa but Chase and other Familiars get to her first. Blade kidnaps Vanessa and blows up the Institute. Marcus catches Krista trying to steal the vaccine, and tells her it doesn't work."


What's that? You wonder if there are any fresh spoilers at Kryptonsite, maybe about "Wither," the season's third episode? Well of course there are, thanks for asking.

Meanwhile, CBR's own Rich Johnston has an interesting couple of rumors in invisitext, as well.


Some shutterbug caught some sweet snaps of character posters at SDCC and sent 'em over to Ain't It Cool News (way to rock the character, Bryce), while Sci Fi Wire quotes director Sam Raimi as saying he was reluctant to get all symbiotic for this sequel. "Avi Arad -- [the former Marvel chief] who's really got his pulse on all the Marvel fans better than any head of a corporation has ever understood those people who are interested in the corporation's product -- he really knows what those kids want," Raimi said. "And he said, 'You know, you've ... had two Spider-Man pictures. This third one, there's so many kids, so many fans of 'Spider-Man,' [who] want to see Venom, even if you didn't grow up with him. They want to see him. So you've got the Sandman [Thomas Haden Church]. That's one of your favorite villains. Why don't you bring Venom in also and make those kids, the fans of Venom, happy.' And that's what I thought we should do." What a pal!


Comics Continuum also has a transcript of a press roundtable which further expands on Johnny Blaze's love for Karen Carpenter. Seriously.


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