Watchmen, Iron Man, The Dark Knight: August 9th Comic Reel Wrap


According to the Hollywood Reporter actress Carla Gugino has joined the cast as Sally Jupiter, the original Silk Spectre. "Sources said Gugino will portray Jupiter in varying eras, playing different ages throughout the movie."


CBR News has an interview with actress Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as video of the San Diego panel featuring Jon Favreau.


The man known to many fans as Peter Petrelli wants to slide into a domino mask and hang around the Batcave, according to MTV. "They've never done it right," actor Milo Ventimiglia said. He had only one word for how to dodge the Curse of Robin, where the Boy Wonder has spelled doom for the cinematic franchise before. That word? "Nightwing."


Speaking of actors looking to get in on that sweet licensing money, MTV also caught actor Vinnie Jones, who had a suggestion for Marvel to let Cain Marko carry a feature film. "That'd be fantastic. That's what all the fans want!" Jones said. "Four hours of make-up. It's great! No, when I [did] my deal they obviously signed me up for '3', '4', and '5' just in case. Myself and my bank manager are just keeping our fingers crossed."


Why didn't Joss Whedon make a panel appearance in San Diego? "I couldn't stand the idea of one more person asking me who was going to play Wonder Woman," Whedon said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "I in no way want this to be a slam on Warner Bros., but the fact of the matter is, it was a waste of my time. We never [wanted] to make the same movie; none of us knew that. And it was a waste of their time because I had a lot of trouble writing Ñ not just writing that, but writing at all. Part of it had to do with having just finished 'Serenity'. I ran into James Gunn, who'd just done his first film, Slither. And he was like, 'The director in me killed the writer in me.' And we fell on each other. It was like finding a support group. After you direct and edit something, you just realize everything is negotiable. The line that you died for, you pull without hesitation because [the script] seems a little long. He was like, 'Every time I sit down to write I think, Is this even going to make it in?' And you can't write like that."


Ain't It Cool News has a barely spoilery set report from one of their scoopers. "Here's the mysterious part. Ed Norton was dressed in a red cap, a red jacket, and was carrying a red pizza delivery case (the kind that keep pizza's warm), so it looked like he was playing a pizza delivery guy. In this scene he was coming out of the house and putting the pizza case into a bicycle with a giant basket for pizzas on the front. What the hell is going on? Is the Hulk delivering pizzas? Is this something he is doing while he's on the run?"


Slash Film has a note implying that fan favorite Kevin Smith may be moving on from his "Superman Lives" script and walking away from "Green Hornet" to approach a superhero he has some familiarity with. "I think that by that point, by my 10th film, I'll be ready to take on something that is very visually oriented," Smith told Wizard. "The 10th movie I think is going to be a comic book movie -- not 'The Green Hornet,' though. There's something that we're kind of negotiating on right now which would actually be pretty cool. I don't know what the audience for it would be, but I would dig making it because I've always been a fan of the character. I can't say what it is though, because they haven't locked it in."


CBR News covered the reality show at work in San Diego two weeks ago.


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