Watchmen, Iron Man, Batman Begins: April 23rd Comic Reel Wrap


According to Ain't It Cool News, "Pi" veteran Darren Aronofosky is going to direct the Alan Moore adaptation. This was revealed when screenwriter David Hayter talked to the rumor site, and Hayter said, "I have spoken with the Producers about a couple of different things I can do to both retain my involvement in the film, and to help ensure that the film retains its integrity. They have been very supportive of myself and this project for the past two years and continue to desire my creative support in terms of the script, the characters and the world. Please assure the fans that I will NEVER give up on creating a truly great Watchmen film that both honors and celebrates the Graphic Novel, and illustrates to the movie-going Audiences what a genuinely great comic-book story can do. And on a personal note; If, God forbid, anything goes off-kilter with the currently proposed set-up and the Director's chair opens up again in say, a year, I will be first in line to try to regain my seat. Either way, I just hope the film is great."


It looks like David Hayter will have another superhero project to keep him busy. The Hollywood Reporter (subscription required) confirms what we reported on April 9th, that Hayter is on tap to rewrite Iron Man, working from the last Millar/Gough draft.


When Hero Realm asked director Guillermo del Toro about a sequel for the crew at BPRD, he said, "Yeah they already ... we actually had a meeting about it and they want us to see if we can come up with a sequel and if we come up with a story that we feel strongly about. We will."


Rutger Hauer is yapping it up at his official site, discussing working with Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson and Michael Caine. "I was going to work today with Morgan Freeman who I think is one of the best colleagues to have, ever. Never met him. So the moment he arrived I grabbed and hugged him telling him what a pleasure I thought it was. He agreed. I had met Liam Neeson earlier on the day I had arrived a few weeks ago just before going into my first meeting with the director and getting the part. As I walked through the hotel corridor I literally bumped into him as he came out the door. I said, 'Hi Liam. Nice to meet you.' He said' yes, same here.' And I said we may be working together. He said, 'Great. Nice. Lovely.' He had just come back from Iceland and told me the director was wonderful. After Morgan and I rehearsed we did our little scene with smile behind teeth and eyes. Short and sweet but with many different angles. nI am still on the look-out for Gary Oldman. Never met him either. Just good to say hello. Michael Caine knocked on the door of my trailer and stepped in. We embraced furiously and he was just as happy to see me as I was to see him. We worked in Kenya in pffft '75. What a nice man he is. Told him I was happy for him in the gem of a role he's playing. So it was a great heart warming day."

Plus, Superhero Hype has a set report discussing some of what's happening. Their scooper said, "I checked out the Batman Begins shoot tonight at Malet Street, London... Many L.E.E. Lighting Ltd trucks and lighting set up from outside to illuminate the inside of the building ... One of the street signs was changed to Grand St, and who should be whisked away 4ft from where I was standing??? Ms Katie Holmes, man she is gorgeous. I'm also pretty sure I heard a car was waiting for 'Larry' as in Holden??? If the medical school was indeed doubling for the police HQ this could fit."


Moviehole has excerpts from an interview with Ian Bliss, who worked on the Marvel horror film. He said "Man-Thing" "sticks pretty close to the Marvel comic which was a rather cult comic. It's essentially about a swamp creature and stays quite true to the darkness of how it was drawn in the comic. I play an alligator hunter who patrols this big swamp with his brother. Jack Thompson is involved and he would be the highest profile actor in the piece. What they've done is not attach any name actors and filled it predominantly with Australians in an attempt to let the film work on it's own merit, to allow the film to be a bit darker and riskier than the bubble-gum comic book adaptations we've seen recently. They hope it works for the film but it could also work against it."


Kryptonsite has been busy digging up spoilers: they have the network's official description and a photo. for the season finale, called "Covenant." If that weren't enough, they also found out actress Adrienne Palicki is playing a very big guest starring role in that same episode. They also have a photo and the official description for upcoming episode "Forsaken." Finally they have a freshly translated Ezra Small Prophecy from the show's official site. Finally, Devoted to Smallville has the official description for the upcoming episode "Talisman."


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