"Watchmen" HeroClix On Their Way

Today, WizKids/NECA announced that they would release a collector's box set of their HeroClix gaming figures based on the Warner Bros. film versions of the classic DC Comics "Watchmen" series. The set will include 25 miniature characters including main cast members like The Comedian and Silk Spectre as well as a special 14 inch version of the size-changing Dr. Manhattan. The figures will first be available at the 2010 Comic-Con International in San Diego before going on sale at comic and toy shops nationwide.

WizKids has been on a tear of recent DC announcements since being purchased by NECA (the National Entertainment Collectibles Association) last year after being dropped by Topps in 2008. So far, the company has announced waves of figures for the HeroClix game based on "The Brave & The Bold" in April and the best-selling "Blackest Night" in May.

And while the comics internet has been abuzz with talk of DC possibly prepping a sequel to the original "Watchmen" comic, it should be noted that the WizKids announcement deals with the movie versions of the characters, which have been exploited heavily since Zack Snyder's film adaptation hit last year.

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