Watchmen, Hellboy 2, Fantastic Four, Batman Begins: June 7th Comic Reel Wrap


Variety (subscription required) is reporting that the Alan Moore property has been placed in "turnaround," meaning that the studio has effectively pulled the plug on any movie through Paramount. The producers, Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin are taking the movie to other studios, hoping to get re-signed. Thanks to Michael Dunne for the heads up on that.


According to Comics Continuum, creator Mike Mignola says that the sequel won't go in front of the cameras until early next year. "The sequel is not happening yet," Mignola said at Wizard World Philadelphia. "[director] Guillermo [del Toro] and I sat down six months ago and came up with an original story for the sequel. And he's been off trying to make a film Spain that's been delayed. Theoretically, while he was sitting over there, he's written the screenplay. He's almost finished with it, and he hasn't turned it into the studio. Once he turns it into the studio, then we start talking about the budget, and then we'll know. We might know by the end of the year if it's going to happen. Hopefully, it's going to happen, but it's going to come down to the budget."


Actress Kerry Washington talked to BlackFilm.com about playing Alicia Masters. "I signed on for all three films in order to do the first one, and with this film it's really more about the Thing meeting Alicia and introducing their relationship. Most of the film is about how the four leads become superheroes and how they deal with it. My managers and agent pitched the idea to the studio for me to play the role and the studio, because I have a really great relationship with Fox, were open to it. They were able to expand their minds and think a little outside the box and so they made it happen, which was great."


Actor Christian Bale showed off his comics prowess at Sci Fi Wire, saying ""I liked the artwork of Alex Ross, but my favorites were the Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale stories. I've read a damn lot of them, all that DC sent me. I don't feel like Batman's ever really been defined in any portrayal, so I felt like this was an opportunity to finally do that, in regards to way that Bob Kane originally intended it when he wrote it in 1939. He intended it as being a dark and terrifying and intimidating character. It's kind of ended up being spoofed more. And then there's great material in the newer graphic novels of Frank Miller and Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. So the source material is right there, and I just don't think it was ever taken advantage of until now. With 'Superman,' you can really look at Christopher Reeve and the way that he played it, and he's become the defining Superman. Whoever's playing him in the next one has got a really tough job to come up against him. I don't feel like that ever happened with 'Batman' before, so I felt like I had an opportunity to expand and bring something new to it."


The same page at Comics Continuum has rumors about next season introducing the likes of Travis Morgan, DCU's Warlord, to the Cartoon Network series. CBR alumna Gail Simone also talks about last week's episode, "Double Date," to The Pulse.


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