Watchmen TV Script Called 'Amazing,' Expected to Shoot This Year

Watchmen cast

Damon Lindelof's HBO-produced Watchmen television series is gaining a bit of traction.

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Speaking during the pay cable network's presentation at the TCA, HBO president Casey Bloys revealed that he had gotten his hands on Damon Lindelof's screenplay for the series' pilot. "I've read the script, it's amazing," Bloys told journalists. "I'm thrilled, I imagine we'll shoot that this year."

HBO has been keeping mum on its Watchmen television series ever since it had been confirmed that a pilot, as well as additional screenplays, had been commissioned back in September. The fact that the president of HBO has called the script nothing short of amazing may be good news for fans wary of another live-action adaptation of the classic graphic novel.

While there is no official production start date, Bloys aiming for a 2018 shoot could mean that the Watchmen series could be air as soon as 2019.

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Created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, Watchmen is the story of an alternate history in which superheroes first emerged in the 1940s, drastically altering the course of history. Set in 1985, as the United States and the Soviet Union inch ever closer to World War III, the comic centers on the investigation into the murder of the former costumed government agent the Comedian, which leads to the discovery of a deadly conspiracy to defuse the powder keg and bring peace to the world at the expense of millions of lives.

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