Watchmen, Ghost Rider, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man 3: February 10th Comic Reel Wrap


No need to pinch yourself -- it's really happening. Paramount PIctures has launched the official website for the big screen adaptation of what many consider to be the art form's finest work.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Jack and Bobby" star Matt Long will play a young Johnny Blaze, joining veteran character actor Sam Elliot on the film. The Age reports that Australian actor Daniel Frederiksen will play a "water demon" and also be joined by Laurence Breuls ("Black Rock," "Marriage Acts") and Matthew Wilkinson ("Mission Impossible II," "Two Hands").


A fan site chimes in with more rumors on who will be holding the golden lasso. the webmaster of Jordan Bayne Onine says, "I was instructed to send some shots of her to one of the producer's office so I'm thinking she's still being considered. With the way things had been going, I don't think they'd ask for material if they weren't thinking of something, don't you?"


A fan wrote in to Ain't It Cool News to say the following: " was listening to a show called 'Front Row 'on BBC Radio 4 here in the UK...it's generally an arts programme, but they cover films and tv too. They had an interview with Larry David who was promoting a new 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' DVD, and at the end of the interview he was asked about future projects, and he said he'd been approached to appear in the next 'Spider-Man' movie. It was a very brief comment, right at the end of the interview and with no more details than that."


Maxim Online has a new clip (Windows Media only) from the upcoming Keanu Reeves-fueled Vertigo adapation. As well, we've posted our spoiler-laden review as part four of our ongoing coverage of the film.


Devoted to Smallville has even more spoilers for the April prom-themed episode "Spirit." They also have a trailer from the next episode, "Krypto," as well as screen captures. Meanwhile, their rivals over at Kryptonsite have a new image gallery from the February 23rd episode "Sacred."


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