Watchmen, Fantastic Four, Smallville, Hellboy 2: March 24th Comic Reel Wrap


CHUD has posted the final installment of their interview with director Paul Greengrass. "I want you to feel that you are in Watchmen World and it's live. You are experiencing it over their shoulders. I think that will make a compelling watch, and that's why I believe in this film as a mainstream film. I don't want to make an art film of 'Watchmen.' I think that would be doing the material a tremendous disservice. I do believe this material speaks to us today, to a big audience. Of course to the audience who knows 'Watchmen,' but also to the audience who may have heard but don't really know and also to that huge audience who I want to touch who have never heard but who will come to discover. I think that requires filmmaking of passion and movement. I don't mean lazy movement. I've never been a believer in throwing the camera around for no reason. But I do believe in the drama of being with character."


IESB has a video interview with actor Julian McMahon (Windows Media required). Meanwhile, Superhero Hype has the international poster for the Tim Story-helmed Marvel adaptation.


Kryptonsite has a spoiler-esque hacked email from Lex Luthor's Verizon account (part of a promotion the company is doing with the show) about a character who might be back after all. They also have high resolution and low resolution screen captures for the trailer to new episodes "Onyx" and "Spirit." Their arch enemies at Devoted to Smallville fire back by posting the trailer itself (Windows Media only).


Actor Ron Perlman talked to E! Online about when he expects to suit up again and the possibility of more films past #2. "You know, you make them one at a time, but I would say that if there are more Hellboys in the future, then I'm very blessed, because he's a guy I could play every day for the rest of my life and never grow tired of."


According to Toon Zone, "episode #17 of 'The Batman,' the fourth episode of the sophomore season, is entitled 'Swamped.' This new episode will bring Solomon Grundy into The Batman lore. The legendary swamp zombie who terrorized the founders of Gotham City one hundred fifty years ago has returned as promised to do the same to their descendants." Canadian fans can expect to see it this Sunday, with the show making its way to the lower 48 sometime later.


CBR's Comic Reel has some exclusive quotes from last weekend's press junket for the Frank Miller noir drama, talking to virtually most of the cast. Newsarama has some exclusive art from an upcoming special presentation the magazine is doing on the film. iFilm has video interviews (in glorious Quicktime) with most of the cast and Rodriguez as well.


According to IGN's FilmForce, actor Nicolas Cage talked to Giant Magazine about realizing his dream. "I'm going to Australia at the end of the month to finally see what it's like playing a comic-book character in a movie," Cage said at the time. "I'm playing Ghost Rider, who is the Marvel superhero who sold his soul to the devil to save his [adoptive] father's life. He turns into the devil's minion, and at night he goes and tries to bring back whatever innocent blood has been spilled. It's what I like to think of as my pop art drawing. I was a fan of the image, the iconography of the character. He was for bikers what the Silver Surfer was for surfers. I grew up perplexed by the nature of the story, which, when you think about it, is classical and quite complicated for a comic book. It's like Evel Knievel meets Faust."


Despite Whedon's comments, the rumor mill grinds on, with Moviehole claiming that "Brandon Davis's hot-water bottle, Mischa Barton, is another on Warner's 'Wonder Woman' wish-list."


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