Watchmen, Elektra, Constantine, Fantastic Four: November 19th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Ain't It Cool News, "Bourne Supremacy" director Paul Greengrass will be replacing Darren Aronofsky on the Alan Moore adaptation. Allegedly, the film is still on track for a summer 2006 release.


Chock full of spoilers, Superhero Hype has a spy report on what's allegedly happening in the opening sequence of the Jennifer Garner-fueled action film.


Ain't It Cool News also has a positive, spoiler-filled review from someone who's seen a screening of the Keanu Reeves-fueled Vertigo adaptation.


According to a source at Superhero Hype, today's issue of Entertainment Weekly will feature the first photo of Julian McMahon in his full costume as Dr. Doom. Check back with us next week for photos.


There's spoilers aplenty from the season's 13th episode, "Recruit" from both Kryptonsite and Devoted to Smallville. Meanwhile, the DTS crew caught the December issue of Esquire, which featured Kristin Kreuk telling a "dirty" joke and which of the show's characters is closer to her personal tastes. "[Lex's] got a sexiness about him because of all that dark mystery," she says. "I obviously wouldn't want to marry a Lex Luthor, but I wouldn't want to marry a Clark Kent either."


Comics Continuum has some quotes from director David Goyer and wrestler Triple H about playing the vampire Grimwood in the upcoming blood-soaked sequel. "Triple H turned out to be an amazing guy and just a real natural on camera," Goyer said. "I was a little skeptical at first when I heard he wanted to be in the film, but he was great to work with."

"When I was asked to be part of this film, I was very excited because I am a fan of the first two movies," Triple H said. "I enjoyed the darkness of them and appreciated that they weren't the typical light, air super-hero movie. They were dangerous and foreboding." Triple H calls Grimwood "the Terminator of vampires." "He just can't be stopped; he keeps on coming," he said. "You can shoot him, beat him, do whatever you want, but he's just going to keep coming back."


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